Taptronics™ will be new revolutionary ATMs for beverage industry

Nowadays, we are adopted to live fast: we are rushing. We’re trying to be everywhere at every time. That’s why time is so important for us. Time means money, time means opportunity, time means advantage. Every second, we’re running out of time. And technological developments won’t stop; they are here for us to increase our […]

How autonomous tech affects draft beer operations: from serve to maintenance

Autonomous Technology Has anything changed since Edison created such great innovations such as the electric light bulb? Among key leaders in business, government and civil society, there is a growing unity and a new feeling of certainty about the future direction of life standards: “Autonomous Technology”. Developing technology helps us to shorten and prevent maintenance […]

Ales vs Lagers

All beer can be categorized as either an ale or a lager. Ales and lagers are defined by the yeast they use to ferment. Ales are fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae at room temperature. Ale yeast floats and ferments at the top. Lagers are fermented with Saccharomyces pastorianus at refrigerator temperatures. Lager yeast sinks and ferments at the […]

Can AI Serve Perfect Beer ?

This post is not about Frankenstein serving beers, at least not yet! In recent years AI moved from the science fiction scene to our everyday lives. We have been using it to interact with our mobile phones (Siri*) and to get recommendations on what video or series to watch next (Netflix*). We feel that the apps […]

Pubinno Press Release: “Perfect Beer” is in town

“Perfect Beer” is in town! Pubinno’s smart beer tap, Taptronics™, serves the perfect beer, for every single pint, with a single touch. Once you experience Perfect Beer topped with Taptronics Creamy Foam, you will not be able to drink beer from any other tap.  San Francisco, CA –January 12, 2016- Pubinno is a San Francisco […]

Magical Number in Beer Industry

Six Tips to Enhance Your Business Did you know an average of 23% of beer in every keg goes to waste? It’s a huge loss. If you would know how, then you would find ways to prevent it. Don’t worry. We have two of the answers. Six Common Ways Beer is Wasted Over-pouring: It is an […]