Taptronics™ will be new revolutionary ATMs for beverage industry

Nowadays, we are adopted to live fast: we are rushing. We’re trying to be everywhere at every time. That’s why time is so important for us. Time means money, time means opportunity, time means advantage. Every second, we’re running out of time. And technological developments won’t stop; they are here for us to increase our […]

Internet of Beer: 4th Industrial Revolution in HoReCa

Complete Solution for All Parties If you want to create a true transformation, you need to compose a value for each parties in the ecosystem in which you launched your product. During the development of Taptronics and the concept of Internet of Beer , we examined the pains of everybody ; from customer to brand, […]

Top 5 Beer Destinations in the World

BEND, OREGONIn this little mountain town of more than 87,000 people with 22 breweries. Bend has more breweries per-capita than any other city in Oregon. Bend has a startling abundance of world-class breweries clustered close together like the gold at the end of a big, beer rainbow. You can take a walking tour of breweries on the Bend […]

4 Beer tasting and brewing terms you haven’t heard of yet

There is a huge terminology on beer, and knowing this terminology will lead to a better under understanding of its culture. However brewers and beer lovers don’t promote their terminology as much as winemakers do. In this post we want to show you beer can be both sophisticated and elegant. Beer is a growing business, […]

Ancient Beer vs Modern Beer

Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5000 BC in Iran, and 10,000 years ago in recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It is believed that beer was a thick sludge brewed in clay pots and fermented in the open air. Fermentation occurs […]

Evolution of Beer Dispensers

Beer is one of the oldest beverages human kind ever produced. Brewing started back in fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and was spread throughout world. Sumerians even had a beer goddess, Ninkasi. The first beers were home brewed. These beers were thick and had solids left from fermentation. People drank it by […]

Draft Beer Quality

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea! Global beer market is expected to reach $750 Billion by 2022. US beer market, alone, sums up to $100 Billion today. And it is being disrupted by craft beer manufacturers. Craft beer only has 12% of the market volume, but the […]