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Magical Number in Beer Industry

April 20, 2016
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Six Tips to Enhance Your Business

Did you know an average of 23% of beer in every keg goes to waste? It’s a huge loss. If you would know how, then you would find ways to prevent it. Don’t worry. We have two of the answers.

Six Common Ways Beer is Wasted

  1. Over-pouring: It is an honest mistake that happens when you have humans pouring you beer. A little bit training might decrease the waste.
  2. Order Errors: We all experienced it, didn’t we? It can be because either the customer didn’t like the beer or the bartender got the order wrong. Either way, we got a waste beer in our hands. That is just sad.
  3. Comps Errors: In the hopes of selling more beer or to build good customer relationships, it is a common practice to order a beer on the house. However, it is advisable that you have a budget for comps.
  4. Draft Line Cleaning: If it is not done properly, this may result in beer waste.
  5. Beer Left in the Keg: Kegs can be replaced thinking it is empty after a busy night and what is left in the keg is beer that is paid but never sold.
  6. Foam: A lot of beer goes down in drain with foam!

Now, you know how the beer is wasted and this waste causes a decrease in profits.So, how can we control this waste?

Six Proven Practices to Control Your Beverage Costs

  1. Pricing: When pricing, it is important not only to base set cost percentages but to consider several questions such as customer price perception and expected profits which requires additional system and tools.
  2. Purchasing and Receiving: To have good purchasing and receiving practices, you need to track everything that comes in and goes out.
  3. Inventory Control: Once your alcoholic beverages have been received, you need to track and control your inventory to avoid losing potential sales.
  4. Service and Settlements: You need have systems in place to ensure that your staff is doing their part. Procedures like pour policy and enforcement, spill and comp sheets might help.
  5. Measuring the Results: The most effective method for achieving beverage cost control is to measure your results each week. By reviewing your cost performance each week, you discourage theft, waste and apathy.
  6. Leadership: As a leader, you need to committed to prevent waste and increase your profit so that your employees can see and follow what you do.

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