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Smart Clean
Let’s make line cleaning perfect!

Pubinno Smart Clean has been developed to fully automatize and digitalize the periodical cleaning of draft beer lines.

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Patented AquaVibra Technology improves effectiveness and efficiency of regular line cleaning process

Patented AquaVibra Technology ensures to shake the cleaning solution-which is made up of chemical agent and water inside the draft beer lines towards different directions to exert additional friction on the inner walls of the lines. This process would result in a higher quality of cleaning in the lines while using much fewer resources.


More effective


More pressure on the
inner walls

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Artificial Intelligence

Regular cleaning service for the specific requirements of each draft beer line​

AI Powered Pubinno Smart Clean Device enables pub staff to run a tailor made and fully automatized draft beer line cleaning process for each draft beer line with regards to its usage metrics, beer type, cooling system and length.

  • Hygiene
  • Efficiency
  • Data Tracking
  • Sustainability
Secure High Hygienic Standards

Pubinno Smart Clean helps eliminate 85% of physical human touch from the entire draft beer line cleaning process.

Increases Operational Efficiency & Flexibility and Saves Cost

Up to four draft beer lines can be cleaned simultaneously by pub staff without any dependencies on 3rd party line cleaning service providers. Smart Clean enables bars to schedule their own draft beer line cleanings, making it possible to arrange cleaning when the keg run out beer.

Makes the regularly conducted line cleaning process easily trackable&controllable

Entire line cleaning process can be controlled, past and real-time line cleaning data can be tracked via the components of Smart Hub.

Clean Responsibly Serve Responsibly

Beer line cleaning process is completed with less water and  detergent for a more sustainable world.


Water Saving


Detergent Saving


Keg Efficiency

Slide User Experience Best in Class Design Apart from being a fully connected smart
device which consists of disruptive
software and hardware technologies,
Smart Clean is also very user friendly
from mechanical perspective with the
technical features.
Slide User Experience Portable and Stackable Smart Clean can be moved easily from
one location to another in a predictably
congested pub environment. Also it can
be kept properly even in quite narrow spaces
Slide User Experience Competible with all
coupler types
Smart Clean is compatible with all coupler
types to be fully integrated into any kind
of draft beer lines.

Let’s click on start cleaning
and see how it works​

Fully connected to digital ecosystem created by Pubinno compatible with  Smart Tap and Smart Hub.

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In 5 countries, over 5,000

stakeholders partner with Pubinno to serve the perfect beer

Pubinno provides end to end smart solutions for all stakeholders -brewer, pub owner, bartender, field support team and beer lover- in the entire draft beer ecosystem.  Via those solutions powered by AI and supported by Pubinno patented technologies.

Are you also interested in serving high hygienic beer in your country?

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Get in touch with us!

Are you also interested in serving high hygienic beer in your country?

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Get in touch with us!