Pubinno’s Smart Solutions on Hygiene and Sustainability for the Beverage Industry

The full extent of COVID-19’s impact on human life has become an extraordinary accelerator for change. As cleaning, safety, and social-distancing arrangements in social life gained huge importance after uncontrollable spread of the new coronavirus, the whole world started to reimagine businesses across sectors through human and AI collaboration at its best. A 2019 global Accenture study on […]

6 Ways Your Business Can Help Save The Environment

6 Ways Your Business Can Help Save The Environment A survey conducted by the CGA in collaboration with UKHospitality revealed that more than four out of five respondents (83%) expected hospitality brands to engage in sustainable practices, and 41% would even be willing to pay more for sustainable dining. Businesses that make a concerted effort […]

Intersection of Brewing and Sustainability

INTERSECTION OF BREWING AND SUSTAINABILITY  Not only in business language but also in general, we can define sustainability as “meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” With this in mind, let’s see what has the beer industry done and their to-do lists to ensure sustainability? The concept of […]

Pubinno is Redefining Sustainability: No Water, No Beer

Global water crisis We only have one Earth and yet we do not give enough love and attention it deserves. Building a truly sustainable world is one of the most important challenges for the world during the Corona crisis. The fear of Covid-19 pandemic led us to become more worried about our future and less […]