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4 Beer Tasting Terms You Haven’t Heard of Yet

October 4, 2017
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There is a huge terminology on beer, and knowing this terminology will better understand its culture. However, brewers and beer lovers don’t promote their terminology as much as winemakers do. In this post, we want to show you beer can be both sophisticated and elegant. Here are the 4 beer tasting terms all beer experts need to know.


Lacking sense of balance, too full or overly thick. The opposite of standardized quality.

Well, draft beer varies a lot from pub to pub because of its nature. If draft beer systems aren’t maintained properly, it is not hard come by flabby beer. Well, if you visit one of the pubs that have Pubinno technologies, it is impossible to come across a flabby beer since we standardize draft beer with our Internet of Beer ecosystem.


Over carbonated with excessive dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2).

The beer line is a semi-industrial system often causing CO2 and temperature problems, affecting beer carbonation. Smart Tap ensures air doesn’t go into the line when the keg is empty and warns about line problems even before they affect beer operations. After a few beers, you won’t be waking up to a big hangover because of drinking too much carbon dioxide. Also, business owners and breweries can view the carbonation levels for every pint all on Smart Hub before serving to prevent it.


A tasting term used to describe the feel of a beer in the mouth. Some common descriptors are creamy, smooth, silky, velvety, opulent, voluptuous, tingly and foamy.

Smart Tap follows the beer’s temperature, foam level, and freshness instantly and serves the beer with a rich, smooth, durable, creamy foam. If you are thirsty for a mouthfeel beer, you can check out Pubinno Selections Map. We are checking the quality scores of different bars and pubs in real-time for you to enjoy perfect draft beer.


4.5 Imperial Gallons. = 0.47 Liters

Pubinno creates the Internet of Beer for you to enjoy every pint perfectly. But before you raise your glasses with perfect draft beers, we should know what a pint is. It is a universal measurement for beer. It is especially common in the United Kingdom, but it is known worldwide. You can learn about the story of the pint in England from Tara Turin right here.

Beer is associated with friendships, celebrations, and fun. However, especially with the rise of the craft beer industry, it is much more than that. It is becoming increasingly an institutionalized drink thanks to programs like Cicerone Certification. It is important to love beer but also know beer. That’s why it is important to learn about beer tasting terms. But what stops you there? You can check out the rest of our blog for the latest trends in the beer industry.


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