5+5 Tips to Enhance Your Beer Business

April 20, 2016

5+5 Tips to Enhance Your Beer Business from Pubinno

Did you know an average of 23% of beer in every keg goes to waste? It’s a huge loss. It is likely that you are one of them but don’t worry! Here are our 5+5 Tips to Enhance Your Beer Business from Pubinno to reach the Perfect Draft Beer taste with tech!

5 Common Ways Beer is Wasted in Beer Business

  1. Over-pouring: It is one of the most common causes of beer waste. Since traditional beer taps have no automated ways to control the flow of the beer, they are open to human error. 
  2. Order Errors:  It can be because either the customer didn’t like the beer or the bartender got the order wrong. Either way, we got a beer waste in our hands. 
  3. Comps Errors: For selling more beer or building good customer relationships, ordering a beer on the house is common. However, when there is no way to monitor sales regularly, businesses might end up spending beer way more than they need to.
  4. Draft Line Cleaning: Neglecting cleaning draft beer lines causes serious waste. Dirty beer lines can cause excessive foaming and customer returns because of the bad taste.
  5. Beer Left in the Keg: Replacing kegs thinking they are empty after a busy night might sound familiar to you. It is especially common in business that uses traditional taps rather than Smart Tap. Because they are not able to see how much beer left in the keg.  

When there are so many parameters, it becomes nearly impossible to run your pub most efficiently without the help of technology. 

5 Practices to Enhance Your Beer Business

  1. Automated Pouring: With our patented automated beer dispenser Smart Tap, you can fill a pint of perfect beer every time you hit the serve button. It pours the exact same beer every time and minimizes the waste caused by over-pouring. 
  2. Beer Analytics: Beer analytics data come from the beer parameters that Smart Tap measures during the pouring. It measures aspects like temperature, flow speed, total amount served, and beyond. On Smart Hub, businesses can monitor pretty much anything about their sales. The data can be used to better calculate purchasing frequency, monitor sales, measure results, prevent comps errors, and many other things. 
  3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular cleaning of the beer lines carries a huge importance not only for the profitability and taste but also for the health and well-being of the customers. Beer lines must be cleaned at least twice a month, ideally once a week. Our Smart Clean, part of the Internet of Beer family, cleans beer lines 80% more efficiently while saving 25% more water. To learn more about beer line cleaning, click here. 
  4. Service: You need to have systems in place to ensure that your staff is doing their part. Procedures like pour policy and enforcement, spill, and comp sheets might help. You can check out how to do a perfect pour right here.
  5. Impression and Reputation: Using and implementing technologies for the perfect beer can lift your brand value for the customers. Providing a standardized perfect beer taste for draft beer consumers is quite essential and only possible with the help of technology and good branding. 

As you can see, there are countless parameters for the perfect draft beer taste. Even the slightest changes in one of the parameters can drastically affect the taste of the draft beer. That’s why Pubinno technologies are here and offer to create a standardized beer taste quality.