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8 Tips For Pouring Perfect Beer

June 17, 2022
Pouring Perfect Beer

Pouring the perfect beer is all about mastering the control of CO2. It is not hard once you start to figure out how different elements affect the carbonation of the beer. Here are Pubinno’s tips for you to help to start with pouring your perfect pint.

1- Foam is Everything

The foam or the head of the beer has many benefits. First, you can taste its unique flavor of foam, especially for most craft beers. Also, since it cuts the connection between air and beer, it preserves both its unique aromas and keeps the beer colder for a longer time. If you are not sure if it is too little or too much, put your fingers on the glass and make sure that it is 2 fingers thick. Also, since it releases some of the carbonation, you don’t get a filled-up feeling.  So, you can keep enjoying the next glasses of delicious pints.

2- Glass Temperature

Using a chilled glass is a good way to keep the beer at the perfect temperature. But the catch is rinsing the glass before the pouring process. If the beer glass is colder than the beer itself, it creates excessive amounts of foam. Make sure that you know the best serving temperature for your beer type before pouring it at 2-3°C; some beers might need to be slightly warmer than others.

3- Know Your Beer Type Before Pouring Beer

Each beer has unique characteristics. For example, a stout beer like Guinness should have a thin, creamy, dense foam. So you have the let it rest a few seconds after you fill ¾ of a glass, then continue pouring since it has a very high nitrogen ratio. But when it comes to a pilsner, you can even tilt your glass halfway while your pouring for reaching a 2-3 fingers thickness. So, you should research a little about the properties of the beer you want to enjoy before you start pouring your perfect pint. 

three different types of beer in glass mugs

4- Right Angle, Right Time

Start your filling process by tilting the glass at a 45-degree angle. As the beer reaches ¾ of the glass, gradually straighten the glass. And always try to aim at the center. Sometimes you can tilt your when it is half-full too, depending on the beer type.

5- Well-cleaned Glass is a Must

Glasses should be crystal-clear cleaned for every condition. It is not only important to keep the beer hygienic but also to keep the head in the proper form. The stains inside the glass disrupt the head’s quality and form, affecting the carbonation and of course, the taste. The outside of the glass is equally important; no one wants to get served a glass that has fingertips. Especially for a crystal-clear pilsner beer, clean glass is vital. 

6- Never Let the Beer Touch the Nozzle

If you are filling your glass from a faucet, it is crucial to ensure that the beer doesn’t touch the faucet. The beer left on the outside of the tap is one of the most prone places for bacteria growth. If you don’t use a device like Smart Tap that you can fill out your beer hands-free, you have to be extra careful to provide the hygiene of your beer. 

7- Choose the Proper Glass

Since each beer is unique, so their glasses too. A Guinness glass has different properties than a pilsner glass. Some glasses need a tunnel effect by narrowing through the rim to capture all the flavors; some glasses need a wider body to increase the carbonation so on so forth. Even the fill is exactly the same, the results can be drastically different because of the shape of the glass. So, as you know the characteristics of your beer, you should also pay attention to using the right glass.

The Chinese city Qingdao has a tradition of drinking beer out of the plastic bags. They also frequently use it for take-away beer—they buy a bag full of beer for 30 cents. 

8- Proper Line Cleaning

Proper line cleaning is the basis of the perfect pour. If the beer waited in the beer lines for too long, like more than an hour, you can’t have the perfect pour even though you follow all the steps in here. The beer gets warmer in the pipes, and it creates excessive amounts of foam. Don’t forget; the perfect pour is the art of controlling CO2, don’t let it get out of your hands. Also, the beer taste can be metallic, it can smell funky, and there are many other problems you might encounter. Smart Clean can save you from all this trouble with 4 times faster and 400% more efficient beer line cleaning technology and ensure the perfect pour. 

Following all these tips puts an immense amount of pressure on the bartender. To make everything easier and help them out, smart solutions might be a great facilitator. Pubinno helps the bartender perform the perfect pouring with its revolutionary Smart Tap and smoothly automates almost all the processes. You can contact us to pour your beer perfectly every time. Cheers! 🍻


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Pouring Perfect Beer

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