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Ales vs Lagers

All beer can be categorized as either an ale or a lager. Ales and lagers are defined by the yeast they use to ferment. Ales are fermented

Can AI Serve Perfect Beer ?

This post is not about Frankenstein serving beers, at least not yet! In recent years AI moved from the science fiction scene to our everyday lives.

Top 5 Beer Destinations in the World

BEND, OREGONIn this little mountain town of more than 87,000 people with 22 breweries. Bend has more breweries per-capita than any other city in Oregon. Bend has

Pubinno Sustainability Framework 2018

At Pubinno, we are aiming to extend our sustainability framework in 2018. Pubinno is a technology company that builds AI powered smart beer taps. The

Ancient Beer vs Modern Beer

Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5000 BC in Iran, and 10,000 years ago in recorded

Evolution of Beer Dispensers

Beer is one of the oldest beverages human kind ever produced. Brewing started back in fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and was