Minimizing Waste, Saving Natural Resources

At Pubinno, we’ve been tackling the challenges plaguing the beer industry for far too long. From lack of control over service, keg conditions, to pouring mechanisms, we are offering sustainable and disruptive solutions. But we’re not just providing solutions to the beer industry’s problems; we’re also leading the charge in decarbonizing every step of the draft beer value chain.

Since the launch of our Smart Taps in 2018, we’ve saved over 700 million liters of water. That’s enough to produce around 2 million barrels of beer or supply clean drinking water to 189 million people.

Our products offer trackable, efficient processes and control over every aspect of the draft beer system, and eliminate the waste and anomalies resulting in excessive use of resources, and contributing to the emissions that warm up our world.

Thanks to the increase in quality, sales and use of data, Pubinno enables up to 20% saving per keg.


The Best Quality

Pubinno’s Smart Tap not only monitors parameters determining keg efficiency and beer quality and such as freshness, temperature and pressure to maintain the highest beer quality but also delivers perfect beer everywhere and anytime. 

Pubinno’s offerings extend beyond the pouring process with the newest disruptive product Smart Clean, and provide an automated, connected and patented solution to one of the industry’s most critical problems by enabling a 100% efficient beer line cleaning process. With its cutting-edge, patented AquaVibra technology, the Smart Clean operates 4 times faster, with 400% more pressure on the inner walls of beer lines than conventional systems, ensuring the highest possible standards of hygiene for the draft beer lines.

As a result, Pubinno’s end-to-end solutions provide an increase of 9% in draft beer sales due to the increased beer quality. But that’s not all. The Smart Clean is leading the way in saving our planet by saving 25% of water and 10% detergent used in conventional line cleaning processes. 

This makes the entire process more sustainable and efficient, helping you to do your bit for the Earth while keeping your customers safe and satisfied.

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Better Business Management

Businesses using Pubinno’s revolutionizing products are able to make more conscious decisions in terms of purchasing and campaign efforts, in light of the real-time data we collect, analyze and provide. 

In fact, the data shows that our partners increased their sales more than 11% thanks to the data-enabled, predictive recommendations for the campaign structure by Pubinno.

Pubinno Creates a Bridge Between The Past, Present and The Future

Our Smart solutions learn from the past, provide invaluable data for the present and offer insight for the future, enabling intentional decisions and efficient operations for the first time ever in the draft beer industry. 

Access real-time data at your fingertips, covering all elements that determine the perfect and most hygienic pint with the Smart Hub.



Increase in Sales

Businesses creating value by using Pubinno’s products in their operations see their draft beer sales increase by 24% while bottled beer sales decrease by 5%. 

In fact, at the end of 3 years with Pubinno, the breweries’ profit was 6 times more than the amount invested in Pubinno. In other words, for every $1 invested in Pubinno, the breweries earned $6 in profit.


Lead in Competition

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