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Covid-19: Latest News on the Beer Industry

July 24, 2020

Covid-19: Latest News on The Beer Industry from Pubinno

The Covid-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health disaster of the century. Whilst it has been the greatest challenge that the world has faced since the 2nd World War, contributing solutions to the social impacts of the global pandemic have provided the opportunity for the global beer industry to take steps for a better future. 

On the bright side, beer companies had the chance to present themselves as responsible actors by taking steps to combat the global pandemic. While life in lockdown has been filled with fear and anxiety all over the world, solidarity-based initiatives have increased and inspired our faith in a hopeful future. To make the industry as normal as it can be, leading actors took great steps for the future of the global beer industry. Pubinno, as the Future of Draft Beer, has been working hard for a more sustainable beer industry and these challenging times have shown once again that data-driven technology, which helps all stakeholders involved in the beer industry optimize their performance with real-time data, is a must to overcome difficulties and to maintain operations during such crises. Now, we are gladly sharing some important developments in the global beer industry to fight Covid-19. We sincerely believe that together we can build a better world.

The Spirit of Collaboration

Some companies took the lead in the first place by taking initiatives about hygiene and cleaning materials. In the first week of April 2020, for instance, six hospitals in need across the Netherlands and Belgium have started to receive 250,000 hand sanitizer bottles produced by Heineken. [1] Heineken in Spain also gave continuous support to the medical community with more than 10,000 liters of alcohol. Likewise, Diageo PLC has donated alcohol for the production of over 8 million bottles of 250 ml hand sanitizers. [2] AB InBev, as one of the world’s leading global brewer, contributed to the production of hand sanitizers as well. AB InBev has also deferred rent payments, provided free tap cleaning and keg restocks. [3] On the other hand, The Carlsberg Foundation, which supports pioneer research for a better future, has granted DKK 60 million to internationally relevant coronavirus projects which aim to provide significant insights into behavior, prevention, and treatment for Covid-19 preparedness and future global health threats. [4]

Diageo is another important figure that has launched an excitingly new global program “Raising the Bar” to support pubs and bars to welcome customers back by calling on governments around the world to provide long-term recovery packages to help the hospitality sector. Raising the Bar is a two-year program available from July 2020 and it provides $100 million to support the recovery of major hospitality centers including New York, London, Edinburgh, Mexico City, Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond. [5] More importantly, Raising the Bar program was designed according to the findings of a global survey with bar owners, and consequently their top priorities were specified as hygiene measures, digital support, and practical equipment to transform how their outlets will work.

Likewise, Carlsberg UK has launched its “Love My Local” movement which enables pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes across the country to sell takeaway drinks and food to their local community. [6] With a free-to-use website, businesses create a profile and start delivering, supporting, and fundraising in their local community. In addition, donating vital funds to a venue online or purchasing future experiences for when their locals reopen also became possible through this supportive movement. 

Molson Coors as one of the largest global brewers has donated $1 million to U.S Bartenders’ Guild to support bartenders impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. As Molson Coors president of U.S. sales said, “… bartenders have always played a key role on the front lines selling our products. Over the years they’ve helped make our brands successful.” [7]

Europe’s 5th largest and Turkey’s leading brewer Anadolu Efes took an important step and funded 1M₺ to workers in the food and beverage sector impacted by Covid-19 through a campaign called “Solidarity is Beautiful Together”. The campaign succeeded thanks to the partnership between Anadolu Efes and Ahbap Platform, which is organized for charitable purposes in Turkey.

Additionally, Asahi UK has invested £1.5m in the back-to-trade support package to support the stability of the hospitality sector. [8] Focusing more on Covid-19 measures, Guinness will also provide €14m funding over a two-year period to help Irish pubs recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The fund was part of the company’s commitment to the future of Irish pubs to operate safely via new social distancing measures, digital skills training, and contactless technology. [9] At this point, it is seen that all these regulations make technological practices and innovation so important to take trustworthy and sustainable measures.


The global outbreak of Covid-19 has also highlighted the importance of being able to maintain sustainable behavior globally. As our anxieties and problems about living a safe life have increased, we started to question our consumption habits more deeply. In that sense, sustainability was one of the issues that became prominent and more important when reviewing all our habits and consumption patterns to sustain our lives properly.

AB InBev has donated 20 million liters of purified brewery water to Belgian farmers free of charge this summer as part of their commitment to making a meaningful difference by keeping water consumption during the brewing process as low as possible. [10] In response to water scarcity, smart, and efficient water management goals of the company resulted in taking steps to make measurable improvements in water quality and availability in the communities facing water stress.

On the other side, BrewDog has announced plans to open drive-thru locations in the UK, Germany, and Australia. BrewDog says the drive-thrus will be beer collection points with hubs for electric vehicle deliveries and for closed-loop, zero-waste packaging such as mini-kegs and returnable bottles. [11] Although zero-waste packaging sounds quite better for sustainable business practices in the beer industry, this application has been criticized by some consumers on social media for promoting car dependency to buy beer, which points to quite the opposite purpose. Nevertheless, all these developments show increasing global efforts to serve beer safely all over the world because of coronavirus concerns.

Overall, the contributions of companies featured in this post show that there is a growing effort to provide safety and to support all stakeholders working for the whole industry. We, as Pubinno, believe that coronavirus has altered the entire beer industry. While consumer trust is more crucial to businesses today than it has ever been, the collaboration and effort across the whole industry have been impressive to make everything as safe as possible and we are proud to be a part of the effort to rebuild the global beer industry for a better future.


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