6 Ways Your Business Can Help Save The Environment

A survey conducted by the CGA in collaboration with UKHospitality revealed that more than four out of five respondents (83%) expected hospitality brands to engage in sustainable practices, and 41% would even be willing to pay more for sustainable dining. Businesses that make a concerted effort to protect the world from negative impacts can win customers of all ages, not just millennials! 

1- Recycle your waste 

In one year, the restaurant industry is estimated to generate more than 11 million tons of waste. You help to reduce this waste by placing different bins in the workplace for various recyclables can encourage employees to think about how they will dispose of their waste at work. Use different warning signs for trash cans and recycling bins. Help your employees and customers alike by showing which items can be thrown away and what can be reused.

2- Buy seasonal ingredients 

A great way to reduce your environmental footprint and provide tailored products to your customers is to create seasonally-driven meals. Food harvested in season contains more nutrients, is richer in flavor, and often supports your local economy as it’s grown and supplied by local farmers. When you buy products that are out of season, they are transported between cities and perhaps even countries, causing environmental impact as they require transportation. Eating seasonally and locally can reduce the carbon footprint of your food by up to 10%.

3- Fix your leaky pipes

Repairing beer equipment like leaky pipes and dripping faucets in your business can save an average of 10,000 gallons of water per year.

4- Switch to energy-efficient lights

Switching to LED lighting worldwide could save 40 percent in energy consumption for lighting. You can save energy by converting every bulb in your business to LED lights. Installing energy-efficient equipment such as light bulbs and radiators is another way to reduce carbon emissions. When you use energy-efficient LED lights instead of old bulbs in your business, you can reduce electricity consumption by 75%.

5- Think before printing

Going digital is a smart alternative! However, when you constantly reprint that menu for updates and new recipe selections, it starts to have a huge impact on the environment. Excess printed materials end up in our waste dumps, potentially harming our wildlife. Consider a chalkboard, whiteboard, or digital menu to display the lunch menus, seasonal promotions, and more rather than the printed ones. Also, many POS systems can send customers digital receipts, so you can ask your customers if they would like them to be emailed instead of a printed receipt.

6- Manage your best draft beer system with Pubinno 

Water is our most valuable resource, and yet water is the first thing we find ourselves wasting. It may be hard to spot, but water is wasted during cleaning, pouring beer, unused ice, and more.

You can use smart solutions like Pubinno’s automatic beer line cleaning to prevent water waste. The patented Pubinno Robotic Mechanism controls the flow rate of beer with data collected by sensors and interpreted by AI, making different types of foam for perfect beer taste. By controlling the beer flow rate and the amount of foam, beer waste can be reduced by an average of 20% per keg. In addition, you can save up to 30% water with Pubinno’s new product, Smart Clean, while you can clean your beer lines 80% more effectively than static cleaning methods with the patented AquaVibraTM method. No need to mention detergent savings of up to 15%



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