Cheers to a New Year with Perfect Beer Games!

New year comes with new opportunities, possibilities, hopes, and of course, fun celebrations! As Pubinno, we want to make sure that you are having the best time with glasses raised with the perfect beers! So, here are some beer & game matches for you to celebrate the new year as fun and delicious as possible.

Cheers to a New Year with Perfect Beer Games!

The best way to enjoy new years eve is to get together with your friends, and of course, a lot of beer. Here are 6 awesome beer games you can play with your friends on New Year’s Eve!

Find the Spy

This beer game gets more fun as you get more crowded. To play this game, you gotta download the game Spy. The app shows the same place to each player except for one. So all players but one of them know the same place, something like ship, airport or office, etc. The players ask one question to each player that they get suspicious of and try to find out whether he or she knows the place or not. 

The trick is asking questions in vogue so that the spy can’t guess the location. If the spy finds out the location, the spy wins. If other players figure out the spy before the spy guesses the location, they win. All players take shot a pint of beer if the spy wins. If other players win, spy take shot 3 pints of beer. This beer game will take you out in time and space from your pub. It is an intense, competitive game. So, to soften everyone, we recommend a good old Coors Light with it 🙂

Here is the link for the game: SPY


The Driver Photoshoot

Unfortunately, one unlucky person has to drive everyone from the Pub. But it does not mean that the designated driver has to be left out from the fun. So, in this game beer, every time the designated driver takes a photo, the people in the frame have to drink. The driver has a limited right to take photos. It is 5 times the number of players. 

By the middle of the night, people start to hide whenever the driver takes his or her phone out. It’s like the driver has the gun and makes it even funnier. The driver also chooses the beer, but we recommend a strong one like Amsterdam Navigator to increase the fun since no one else is driving anyways.

Most Ancient Beer Game: Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the classic of all times, played in all pubs ever existed. Probably a lot of had their first sip in this beer game. So, let’s bring it back for the beginning of 2022 as the king of new year beer games. Players set up to 2 teams, each goes to the end of a table. Glasses are arranged like pool balls; each has a sip of beer; you throw a small plastic ball across the table; if you got one inside of a cup, your opponent from the other team drinks it. Everyone knows the drill. But to enjoy it better, we recommend you spice it up with a stout like Guinness.

It is good for 2 things. First, since the beer sits in the cup for a long time, it is better to have a flat beer. Also, since it’s new years eve, there is no hurt to loosen up your diet. Bring a good souffle to the side of the table and make a real pairing. We know it’s not your traditional beer pong and not your classic beer pairing but trust on this. A tech start-up knows how to disrupt the rules for the good 😉 


Home Alone

Home Alone is the centerpiece of a cozy family New Year party. Let’s revive the cozy memory with fun and beer this time for people who like to celebrate the new year at home with their loved ones. Each time Kevin fools the burglars, everyone takes a big sip from their beer. By the end of the movie, it will even funnier. This classic will give you a cozy nostalgia and entertain you at the same time. To play this beer game, we recommend BrewDog’s Sonic Boom V3. The pine notes will perfectly match the cozy new year’s atmosphere and bring fun and deliciousness together.


New Year, New Me!

This beer game is perfect for playing with close friends or people you want to know and having a glance back at 2021 -and getting really drunk. It is the best ice-breaker among all new year beer games. So, all people get together in a circle. One of them leaves the room, and the other players try to guess what has gone wrong in the life of the person that left the room in 2021. The person comes back in and asks the other player. For every right guess, the player left the room drinks a shot of beer. At the end of the round, the person left the room comes up with a new year resolution considering the mistakes. It is a fun get-to-know beer game for the new years eve and helps you get your things together for the next year. We recommend a strong wheat beer like Weigh Anchor.


Ticking Bomb!

This is a thrilling beer game for a close friend circle. You hold a pint and pass it to the other person. Whoever holds the jug, confesses something that he or she has done in 2021. The person who stops for more than 20 seconds explodes. Which means he or she has to chug down the whole pint. But be careful. This game has some tension, pay attention to your volume in the pub. Since it requires chugging, we recommend a low-body beer to make drinking easier, like Corona or Bud Light.

The New Year is crucial for everyone. The past 2 years was a little bit of a mess – we hope that you and your loved ones have a great new years eve. Also, let us know which new year beer game you liked the most to us on Instagram. Wherever you are, perfect beer always makes the celebrations and resolutions more fun! That’s why, we published a map called Pubinno Selections Map. In this map, you can easily find the perfect beer points in your town. 

These are some of the suggestions from Pubinno for making celebrations even more fun. Drink responsibly, and more importantly, 

Happy New Year!🎉🍻🥳