Pub Trends of 2022: A Post-Pandemic Bar Scene

Pub trends are changing! Pandemic re-invented our bar experience just like every other aspect of our life. As life slowly goes back to normal and we go to pubs and bars, now we start to experience the “new normal”. Let’s dive into what is the pub trends for this year in the bars and pubs around the World.

Hygiene is More Important Than Ever

Hygiene has always been important for the customers, but now with the ongoing chaos that lasted 2-years-long, it’s a whole new level. Solid processes and automation become a must. Contactless service and technological enhancements developed. We already see QR-code menus and mobile check-outs from time to time, but hygenie pub trends are not only limited to that. Conditions push bar owners to be innovative as much as possible. It’s not just the customer’s table but also behind the bar too. Aspects like:

  • Dishwashing 
  • Keeping the staff in the kitchen trained 
  • Regularly cleaning beer lines 

now vital parts of this innovation storm. Catching up with the technology and minimizing human contact is crucial for success. For example, with products like Smart Clean, bartenders and bar owners can fully automate the beer line cleaning process with maximum efficiency and fully satisfy their customers. So, our beers will be cleaner and way more techy than past this year.

Data Tracking for Every Drop of Beer

The Pub industry is one of the most wrecked industries by the pandemic. And now, every drop of Beer matters to get it back on its feet. Questions like:

  • How much beer do you sell in a day? 
  • How many liters of it get wasted? 
  • Which brands do you sell the most and at what price?”

are now more important than ever. A pub management software might be the most rational solution to catching up with the pub trends. Technology not only helps with hygienic beer but also with data tracking too. After all, data is power and beer is no exception to that. Especially in the post-pandemic pub scene.

Sustainability is the Cornerstone

Sustainability has been on the agendas of many forward-thinking brewers for a few years, but it gained a huge momentum in young customers, especially after the COVID19 pandemic. According to the Fentiman’s 2022 Hospitality Report, 72% of consumers try to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle; that’s almost 3 quarters of the consumer base. This means focusing on draft beer rather than bottled beer to attract climate-conscious consumers to bars and pubs. Of course, there is always room for improvement. Smart Tap increases the efficiency up to 20%. It is not only an excellent path for creating more sustainable solutions for pubs but also a great way to increase keg efficiency. 

According to SABMiller’s Sustainability Report, More than 100 liters of water is spent to produce only 1 liter of beer. So, sustainability in the beer industry has an immense potential to create a better World for future generations by implementing the pub trends and technologies of 2022. 

Social Media Presence and Engagement

More than 2,500 pubs are closed in the U.K alone due to the pandemic; the rest don’t want to share the same fate. Since everything has been digitalized during the lockdowns, pubs and bars try their best to hop on board. 

We already engage more than ever with the hospitality industry on social media. We even started to see merchandise for pubs and bars for higher engagement and connection. Consumer behaviors are also effective on this trend. 46% of the customers said they plan their visit before drinking outside after COVID19 lockdowns. When we think of the fact that the biggest source for this is the internet, we can clearly see the increased importance of social media for bars and pubs. 

Cheers will be to Pub Technologies in 2022

The new normal has many aspects. It is healthy; it is digitalized; it is sustainable so on so forth. But all of these recent changes have one common point, technology and innovation. The pub industry won’t look like it used to do anymore. The traditional bar scene is bound to change to catch up with the post-COVID19 World. Our glasses of beer will be way more techy,  hygienic, and high-quality than it was before in 2022 and beyond.

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Cheers! 🍻