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Pubinno's technology creates value by improving the quality and consistency of draft beer service as well as minimizing waste. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, reduced costs for all stakeholders in the beer industry, and a more sustainable future. 

Pubinno is revolutionizing the draft beer industry by incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to eliminate the biggest flaws of traditional draft beer: waste and lack of data. Pubinno's technology helps beer brands differentiate themselves by providing a better beer experience, saving money, and improving efficiency.

Thanks to the patented technology Pubinno offers, bar and restaurant owners have the opportunity to learn from the past, gather invaluable data for the present, gain actionable insight for the future, and make intentional decisions for the first time ever in the draft beer industry. From tracking business KPIs to minimizing waste, Pubinno’s products offer end to end solutions for the entire value chain.

Due to the patented and AI - Powered technology embedded on the Smart Tap, bar owners and bartenders can for the first time ever control all of the important factors making a perfect beer. Parameters such as temperature, flow, foam and more can all be controlled and optimized resulting in a perfect pour every time.

Pubinno has a devoted Customer Success team who provides training and support to every bar and restaurant where Pubinno’s products are located. With the help of pur patented technologies, bar and restaurant owners will receive updated reports on any malfunctions that may occur through the Smart Hub app. This alert will also be sent to Pubinno’s Customer Success team who immediately take the necessary steps to solve the problem. 

Pubinno is revolutionizing the draft beer industry by incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to eliminate the biggest flaws of traditional draft beer: waste and lack of data. Thanks Pubinno’s end to end products 60M perfect pints have been served around 60 cities worldwide  and 700M Liters of water have been saved. 

We highly prioritize the continuous improvement of our products through a growth and design thinking mindset. As a result, we have implemented a comprehensive and meticulous research and development process, which has resulted in our products being granted seven valuable patents.

Pubinno is currently working with 3 out of the 15 biggest breweries in the world. As pioneers in building the Internet of Beer, Pubinno offers solutions to some of the biggest problems the draft beer industry has faced so far while adding new and better features which minimize effort, increase profit and customer satisfaction. 

Pubinno's technology proactively notifies you of any potential issues with your draft beer system, resulting in an improved experience for your customers. Also, we operate with a highly profitable business model that ensures a quick return on investment (ROI).


Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to dive deeper into the advantages and benefits of our products. We're available to provide any assistance you may need.

Pubinno's Smart Technologies

Smart Tap

Pubinno's Smart Tap uses AI and robotics to control the flow rate of beer, track draft beer system parameters, and deliver perfect beer taste regardless of time or location. Its user-friendly design helps bartenders deliver multiple tasks during peak hours. The Smart Tap's patented robotics mechanism saves up to 20% per keg and ensures each beer brand is served with the optimal amount of foam.

You can easily integrate the Smart Tap into any existing draft systems. With universal compatibility, the Smart Tap works flawlessly with any beer type.

Pubinno's Smart Tap is designed to be easy to use for all employees, regardless of experience level. The taps are equipped with a touch screen that allows users to select the type of beer they want to pour, and the tap will automatically adjust the pressure and temperature to ensure that the beer is poured perfectly. The taps also track data on keg usage and beer quality, which can be used to improve efficiency and profitability.

Pubinno's technology impacts the speed of service for bartenders by automating tasks and ensuring perfect beer pours. Their technology is designed to be easy to use, even for employees with limited experience. This can help bartenders pour beers more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Pubinno's technology tracks data on keg usage and beer quality. This data can be used to improve efficiency and profitability. 

The firmware, mobile app and the web platforms are regularly updated and maintained.

Smart Clean

The Smart Clean is a fully automated, AI-powered, and portable draft beer line cleaning system, that has been designed to cope with the chronic problems of the draft beer system. With its patented AquaVibra technology the Smart Clean conducts a unique line cleaning process for each beer line depending on the usage, beer type, cooling system, and line length for maximum quality with minimum resources. 

Smart Clean is a portable device, and can be implemented to any draft beer infrastructure - by changing its configurable keg sockets according to keg handles being used.

With it’s plug and play feature, the Smart Clean makes the process of cleaning draft beer lines effortless. By simply plugging in up to four draft beer lines and pressing start on the Smart Hub app, you will be able to have cleaner and better draft beer lines in just 35 minutes. 

The firmware, mobile app and the web platforms are regularly updated and maintained.

Smart Hub

To use the Smart Hub, you will need to log in to the account our team creates for you. Once you are logged in, you can start using the features that Smart Hub offers. This product is only available to businesses that use Pubinno’s Smart Tap.

Pubinno’s Smart Hub creates a fully digitized bridge between the past, present and the future, enabling intentional decisions in the draft beer industry for the first time ever. The dashboard allows bar/restaurant owners to keep track of their KPI’s, sales, rush hours and all of the parameters making of the perfect beer such as temperature and keg freshness. 

We are constantly tracking quality parameters, and we will alarm you according to your preferences (s.a. "Warm Beer", "Beer Line Cleaning is due", "Keg has been tapped for too long,  keg freshness is compromised" ETC.)

Net Zero

Beer being the third most consumed beverage in the world, the immense consumption of water in inevitable therefore it was important for us to find solutions to optimize this problem. From a study done by the Brewers Association in the US it was shown that up to 23% of each keg used in bars/restaurant is wasted. Pubinno’s end-to-end solutions aim to create the “Internet of Beer,” reducing waste by up to 20% while establishing trackable, sustainable, and automated processes. 

Every pint served through the Smart Tap is a step towards a Net Zero future. So far Pubinno has served over 60 million perfect pints around 3 continents and saved 700 million liters of water. With its patented AquaVibra technology, the Smart Clean cleans beer lines 80% more effectively than traditional methods, eliminating 85% of physical human touch. This means that less water and chemicals are needed to clean the lines, which reduces carbon emission footprint.

With beer being the third most consumed beverage in the world, its impact on the environment is immense. The brewing process requires a significant amount of energy, water, and land, all of which produce greenhouse gases. In addition, the transportation of beer from breweries to consumers also produces emissions. As Pubinno, we are working daily to minimize waste and CO2 emissions for the entire value chain of the beer industry through the help of technology and AI. 

Decarbonizing the entire value chain of your products is important because it can help you to reduce your overall emissions and make a bigger impact on climate change. Scope 3 emissions, which are emissions from activities outside of your direct control, can make up a significant portion of your overall emissions. These emissions can come from a variety of sources, such as the transportation of raw materials, the manufacturing of packaging, and the disposal of products.By decarbonizing your entire value chain, you can help to reduce these emissions and make a bigger difference for the environment.