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How autonomous tech affects draft beer operations: from serve to maintenance

August 9, 2019
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Autonomous Technology

Has anything changed since Edison created such great innovations such as the electric light bulb? Among key leaders in business, government and civil society, there is a growing unity and a new feeling of certainty about the future direction of life standards: “Autonomous Technology”. Developing technology helps us to shorten and prevent maintenance process. Let’s have a look at what it really does. Like Heraclitus said: “The Only Thing That’s Constant Is Change.”

The evolution of the music industry

With the developing technology, sustainability increases too. Let’s have a look at what changed so far in our lives? For example, let’s examine the evolution of the music industry. People had to go out to listen to live music if they wanted to listen. Then, when vinyl records came out to the market, it changed the music industry. Music became something that can be borrowed and can be listened everywhere. Then cassette tapes came out and they were more practical than vinyl. And compact discs, and Walkman, and iPod..

IPod was something new, something spontaneous and something brand new. But you still had to buy CDs to download on your iPod, to create your own library. Then someday, a brand new genius minded superman came out and saved our lives. Its name is Spotify.

You don’t need to buy millions of albums even online. You simply have to pay a subscription fee to have unlimited access to all of the songs on the planet. Isn’t it beautiful and simple? So what’s the matter? Therefore when your vinyl got broken, there wasn’t much to do. You would send it to repair. And you wouldn’t be able to listen to your own music for days. iPod solved this issue partially, but people were not able to afford to buy all the singles or albums that they wanted to buy. Now, Spotify can be seen as problem solver since you can download the playlists that you’ve made and listen them when you’re on a plane or riding the subway. It’s always available offline.

Autonomous driving

Let’s look at this new trend called Autopilot. It was a dream, to ride a car without a driver. Now, autonomous driving technology no longer has to be discussed like a mysterious futuristic theory, as a number of new vehicles with elements of these systems provide important context for drivers. It’s like autopilot for airplanes.

We are all part of a pioneering movement that has transformed the way people around the world communicate, in which people collaborate and act carefully on their impact on sustainability. Much has been achieved over the past 20 years, but as we enter a new era of technology we must tackle the bigger challenges and act urgently to create more maintainable systems, leading to a more easily maintained world in a fundamentally different way.

Autonomous cars can predict most of the problems that can occur in the engine or it can prevent failures and breakdowns faithfully to its advanced features. If you have an autonomous car, you don’t have to send it to maintenance service and wait for days. You just simply don’t need it because its artificial brain does it for you. It also drives, parks and lets you have a nice and safe trip.

It’s a breakthrough: a car that drives itself safely in a variety of conditions. So why does it Matter? Car crashes caused by human error kill thousands of people a day worldwide and because an autonomous system will be able to prevent these human errors, it will greatly decrease the number of fatalities in car crashes.

So, as Pubinno, we are just like the autonomous cars: we are at a key moment in the evolution of maintainability. All the problems that beverage industry has will disappear shortly with a single magic touch of Taptronics. Taptronics, the Iot-enabled, plug&play, smart beer tap analyzes 10 parameters including but not limited to; temperature of the beer, pressure in the keg, humidity and more to standardize the pouring quality in terms of temperature, foam and amount. It never wastes or spills any drop of beer. Thanks to its optimized algorithm, it standardizes the service quality while avoiding loss and fraud. In every service, it serves the same amount of beer with optimized quality.

So, what are these problems?

There is always a long waiting line in front of your favorite bar. There are beers that have gone flat and warm. If you are a manager, there are always requirements and a non-stop order list. There’s always complicated supply chains and logistic problems. To track the amount of used beer kegs to be able to prevent fraud isn’t that easy.

While Taptronics serves the best beer in a perfect way, bar owners can track and observe the real-time data through Internet in their smart phones. Not only it makes our life easier, it also helps the supply chain operation. It gives information to distributors whether the supplier is running out of beer or not. So thereby, the bar owner can have its beer in advance. The beer brands can easily track their supplies and inventories without sending vehicles overseas. It helps both the supplier and the customer. So it focuses on maintenance.

Taptronics can also predict probable and potential malfunctions with a simple data process. It can provide further information if a leak occurred in the pipeline or if there is a loss of pressure. So it helps bar owners to know featuring notifications about their product. This prediction method also contributes to the improvement of the bar. Predicting maintenance is crucially important since it will enable the bar owner to take precautions for problems like faulty pipes before many unsatisfied customers start complaining about the beer quality.

With Taptronics, there will be no more surprisingly vain barrels. People can track immediately and perpetually how much beer is left in the kegs or how much beer they need. It calculates the amount of pressure, moisture and more than 10 varieties of parameters in beer kegs, and automatically gives most precise amount of beer at best temperature with the ideal foam level every time. We are here for the bartender, for the supply chain manager, for the customer, for brands all over the world, for sales point, for the distributor and of course for the maintenance crew. We are here for everyone.

Technology, isn’t it beautiful?


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