Journey of working at Pubinno

Mashing Process

The first stage of a smooth onboarding experience for new team members.

Lautering Process

Warm welcome, office tour, paperwork, and informative meetings for an effective onboarding.

Boiling & Cooling Process

Exploring new team members' first-week experiences, gathering feedback against our stunning terrace view.

Fermentation Process

Nurturing new team members' growth after the first month, collecting their feedback.

Conditioning Process

Hands-on bartending practice at Hops Pubinno locations, enhancing skills through practical experience.

Packing Process

Applying steps from the Boiling & Cooling Process in the second month.


Celebrating the completion of the trial period with a terrace photo capturing Hops and their beer, signifying a promising beginning/an aspirational/inspirational leap forward.


A fun and interactive finale to the onboarding journey where Hops plays a game, celebrates correct answers, and receives a personalized uniform.


Explore this exciting journey with Pubinno, where every step of our unique hiring process is designed to create a warm and welcoming environment for new employees to thrive, with a deep care for our planet.

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