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Our vision is strongly anchored in our goal to achieve net zero emissions. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and decarbonize every step of the value chain, we are committed to saving our world and creating a net zero future.



Liters of water saved via Pubinno’s Internet of Beer Technology

Global Warming
and Water Shortage

Water in particular plays a critical role in every step of the brewing process – around 50 to 155 liters is required to produce just one liter of beer, according to SABMiller’s study with WWF.

Considering the immense popularity of beer and the alarming pace of Earth’s warming, the efficient utilization of resources has become more crucial than ever before.

Thanks to our innovative patented technologies, we have conserved over 700 million liters of water to date, and still counting!

carboon footprint-pubinno

Carbon Footprint of
Beer Packaging

Packaging is responsible for 40% of beer’s carbon footprint, and it is a significant contributor to environmental damage.

Using kegs is a more sustainable option that eliminates the need for single-use packaging.

In fact, greenhouse gas emissions linked to the utilization of single-use glass bottles reach around 0.45 kgCO2eq. per liter of product. In contrast, employing reusable stainless steel kegs reduces this value dramatically to just 0.05 kgCO2eq. per liter of product, marking a significant 9-fold decrease.

Reduce your impact on the
environment with Pubinno’s
closed ecosystem

Every 1 liter of beer poured with Pubinno’s Smart Tap prevents emissions of 0.013 kg of CO2.

With Smart Clean, each 1 liter of beer poured avoids 0.00433 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Pubinno Smart Tap II7 1

More Sustainable World
Possible with Smart Clean

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