Global warming is threatening our world. 14 of the hottest 15 years in world history have occurred in the past 20 years. If we do not change our habits, we will surely encounter harder results.

Word of the Year: Climate Strike! The natural disasters that we have encountered frequently recently mean that the nature has warned us. The term “climate crisis” is now being used instead of “climate change”, and the “climate strike” was chosen as the word of the year by the Collins Dictionary. Nowadays, the nature keeps warning us almost in every moment of our lives. Therefore, everyone should start doing their part in climate action before the crisis gets deeper.

What is Pubinno doing for the climate strike?

As a result of the inefficiencies in the draft beer dispensing systems all over the world, it is estimated that 10 B Hectoliters of water is lost annually. The damage to fresh water is 40-50 B Hectoliters per year. This figure is equal to the annual residential water consumption of the state of California!

Pubinno improves the keg efficiency by an average of 20%, and supports the beer brands’ sustainability goals with its environmentally friendly draft beer experience. 50 to 155 liters of water is used from farm to glass to produce one liter of beer; average 102,5 liters of water. This number is very serious! Pubinno Smart Taps have served 3 Million Liters of Perfect Beer, help to save 76 Million liters of water for the future!