Perfect Beer Talks #1 – Pub Culture & History

Pubinno’s new webinar series, Perfect Beer Talks, welcomed Tara Nurin for the very first episode. Pubinno’s CEO Can Algul and best selling author  Tara take you on a beer journey from Mesopotamian times to the pubs they’ve visited and lived. Get ready to take a global dive into the beer culture. She is an expert on pub culture and history and writes on websites like Forbes, Vice, CBS, and Eater for more than 16 years. She is also part of Pink Boots Society, an organization for restoring the place of women in beer industry.

Beer is the ancient beverage in mind; it has an astonishing history, as one can imagine. A beverage that has been around for thousands of years and witnessed ancient civilizations, empires, wars, and peace. Beer certainly has a traditional value to every society in the world.

Pub Culture & History from Tara&Can Point of View

  • Tara is a best-selling author and her beer journey started with a sip from her father’s beer.
  • Pub culture: a culture that’s started in the Mesopotamian times by women who were the original brewers in almost every single society throughout history.
  • “A great pub is a clean one. The most important thing in a great pub is attention to the quality of the product. Like, clean beer lines, fresh beer whenever possible. I think in that sense, what Pubinno doing is so important.”


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The misunderstanding about beer is that it is just for guys. For many years, beer has been considered the “manly” beverage; women who drink beer are regarded as not “ladylike.” While stereotypes have generated our society, giving genders to everything feels like a no-way-out road. However, Tara is here to change the stereotypes in beer as she continues to tell the beer and women history. The forgotten, or in fact, never known history of beer by many is that women are the ones who started the beer culture and the formation of pubs.

  • I’m hearing from people who are reading my book, who are women working in the beer industry, they now understand how deeply rooted beer is in women and vice versa, how deeply rooted women are in beer.
  • Brewing beer was a kitchen chore.

Tara also wrote a book about this essential part of beer history, A Woman’s Place Is in the Brewhouse: A Forgotten History of Alewives, Brewsters, Witches, and CEOs. It is a great source to understand the deep history that lies beneath the beer industry.

After years of witnessing the ever-changing structure of societies, how did a pub evolve around the change, and what makes it so great? Describing a great pub for Tara starts with its environment. Every factor of a pub should invite people in. However, Tara believes that the vibe of a pub changes in every country or even in every city. While the pubs in Dublin give you a very social experience surrounded by outgoing and talkative people, pubs in Boston are very opposite in terms of social experiences. Getting a bit closer to Boston, to prove that the vibes of a pub change in every city, New York pubs and Boston pubs do not share the same energy either.

  • The difference is because pubs reflect the communities they are in. A pub shapes according to its surroundings.
  • A great pub is a clean one. The most important thing in a great pub is attention to the quality of the product. Like, clean beer lines, fresh beer whenever possible. I think in that sense, what Pubinno doing is so important.

While pubs reflect the communities they are in, beer also reflects the cultures they are in. The taste preferences in the culinary culture shape the taste of the beer too.

  • For example, Mexican stout, a mixture of different sweets and hot peppers. A very Mexican flavor, she adds.

Beer is more than the drink. There are many factors even beyond the pub environment that affects the taste of the beer. Both Tara and Can underline that.

  • Just very classical pint glass. I love it. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Getting to know about your beer of choice, how you drink it, whether straight from the bottle or with a classic pint glass, the first episode of Perfect Beer Talks teaches you many things you need to know about beer. To widen your horizon about beer even further, you can visit our website and blog from here. We would love to see you in the next episodes of Perfect Beer Talks

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