Perfect Beer Talks #3 Digital Transformation of the Beer Industry 

Perfect Beer Talks continuing at full speed. In our 1st episode, we hosted Tara Nurin, a very energetic beer-writer, to better understand Pub Culture & History worldwide. In our 2nd episode, our CEO, Can Algul, hosted Matthew Curtis. He is the author and co-founder of Pellicle Magazine. Matthew and Can talked deeply about Modern Beer & Pub Diversity, mainly focusing on the U.K. Finally, we got the chance to talk about the Digital Transformation of the Beer with Jason Lambert, the Global Vice President of Digital Products at Anheuser-Busch InBev and the Head of Product for BEES one of the most disruptive tech projects in the world. He is undoubtedly one of the best experts when it comes to talking about the Digital Transformation of the Beer Industry with his extraordinarily diverse and fascinating background. So, let’s dive into details for the beer-livers who missed our episode.


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Points worth mentioning from Jason&Can

“At the heart of it, it was a product-market hit. It was not jumping and throwing our products in the market and sort of rush to scale. It was spending a lot of time researching our customer base and understanding and detail about problems. How people, processes, and technology could impact them and then go and start executing.”
  • Being customer-centric carries vital importance for the future of a business. Understanding, acknowledging their wants&needs is the epitome of a company. To produce the best and most disruptive product that will instantly create a buzz in the market, the first and foremost thing to do is put out the best research, as Jason emphasized. Before founding the BEES, he said it took years-long research on the market. For instance, our CEO, Can Algul, has worked in many bars over the years and experienced the problems of the draft beer industry first-hand before creating Pubinno and re-create the whole draft beer experience before making it reach perfection.
“Covid created a very fluid situation. Openings and closings and all that stuff. We went to a world of offline sales and to a digital one”

Digital transformation is inevitable for Beer Industry

We all know that COVID-19 changed many industries and businesses from the ground. But we need to focus on is its long-lasting effects of it. It fluidified the markets for good. Now businesses come&go faster than ever because of the ever-changing consumer trends. Our changing lifestyles and preferences created a whole new dynamism for companies. To make the best out of and thrive, data analyzing is crucial. Jason pointed out that they are constantly working on their user data to provide the best experience to their customers and better adapt to the storm of change. Pubinno’s entire ecosystem is dedicated to data analysis to help breweries and pub owners to thrive in their businesses.

Customer Obsession

  • Jason marks that a brand is not there only to provide a certain service or fill out a need but also to connect with the people. He believes that creating a personal experience is quite critical for a successful business. According to McKinsey’s GenZ Report, he is absolutely right. Personal experiences are now more critical than ever. These include traditional ways like a company’s merchandise, but now it goes beyond that. With new platforms and words that have come into our lives in recent years like metaverse, NFT’s, block-chains, there are now numerous ways to connect with your customers both in this universe, metaverse, and beyond.
”We measure success by the feedback of our customers.”
  • Measuring a company’s success is vital to see the progress over time and create better policies for the future to go further. But the catch about measuring success is that if you do not do it right, it becomes entirely pointless. The North Start Metric of a company is a way to find its way when it’s lost. That’s why our CEO, Can Algul, asked Jason about how they measure their success very eagerly. Jason said that it is not about what we do but how we affect it; that’s why BEES measures their success by the satisfaction of their customers. It is a revolutionary take on the company’s success and for sure inspiring to bring the company to new horizons.
”Everybody in the supply chain plays a specific and a special role. Thru technology and process changes, we can elevate the entire supply chain.”
  • Jason pointed out how the supply chain has multiple layers with a highly complex structure. This causes delays, communication issues, synchronization issues, and further. He believes technology lies at the heart of solving all of these problems once for all. By examining all the processes carefully, fully in detail, and finding out how they could be innovated in the long-term, we can successfully transform and disrupt an entire industry and create a true success. To elevate the whole supply chain, we need to merge all the stakeholders together with technology.

The Importance of Data for Digital Transformation

In the 3rd episode of the Perfect Beer Talks, Jason Lambert took us on a deep journey about the relationship between a business and the market, the importance of data tracking and catching up with the new trends in the post-covid economy, the new and digital ways to connect with the customers and where brand recognition is headed towards, what does success mean, and how to implement technology to supply chain. You can check out our data tracking platform Smart Hub to carry your business to the future in the data-driven business world today. Also, you can visit our website for further information and contact us from here. Hopefully, we can see you in the next episodes of the Perfect Beer Talks and understand the industry better.