Perfect Pairs: Beer and Snacks #pubculture

If served under the right conditions, draft beer is the freshest form of beer. When enjoying an ice-cold pint of draft beer, the only thing that can make it better is a perfectly paired snack. Whether it’s a selection of chili-coated peanuts or some oven-baked chips and dips, the sensation of snacking at the bar before washing it down with a delicious pint is pretty hard to beat. 

But which snacks go best with draft beers? Well, that depends on what you’re drinking, and the Pubinno family are keen to try as many draft beers and beverages as possible! Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best draft beer and snack pairings that you will definitely want to try. 

Light lager & salty snacks

If you opt for a fried and salty snack, wash it down with a deliciously light European lager. You might want to keep things simple with a handful of salted peanuts or may want to up your game with pitted & salty Italian olives. Whatever you choose, you will find that when paired with light and refreshing lagers like Heineken or Amstel, you will have discovered a draft beer and snack combo made in heaven!

German Pilsner & soft pretzels

Did you know that in almost every beer hall in Munich, your ‘stein’ of German pilsner is accompanied by a basket of fresh and delicious soft pretzels? This isn’t just a randomly selected snack. The sharp edge to the pilsner is beautifully complemented by the delectable, warm pretzels that you’ll be fighting your mates over when they arrive at your table. These ‘bread-y’ pretzels do a great job of sobering you up, too, meaning you can continue enjoying draft beers throughout the night. 

Pale ale & cheese boards

Pale ales have exploded in popularity in recent times. If you want to explore the flavors of your favorite IPA, put together a selection of cheeses, crackers, and chutneys to go with your pint. Any cheese works fine, but you’ll find that soft cheeses and fruit chutneys work wonders when it comes to extracting the subtle flavors from your IPA. If you’re feeling daring, consider adding some fresh chili flakes to your board and enjoy an even broader spectrum of flavors. 

Dark ale & pork scratchings [or rind]

If you’ve ever visited a pub in the UK, you will probably have noticed bags of pork scratchings hanging from the bar. If you’ve never tried them, it’s kind of hard to describe them! But British pub-goers have enjoyed pork scratchings since pubs opened, and for a good reason. Paired with a nutty or fruity dark ale, the salty, fatty flavors of pork scratchings prove to be irresistible. If you’ve never tried them, it’s best to share them with your drinking buddy, as they can be pretty filling! 

Apple cider and spicy buffalo wings

Draft ciders come in so many varieties these days that you’re genuinely spoiled for choice. However, we don’t think there’s anything better than a pint of apple cider and a plate of hot and spicy buffalo wings coated in rich BBQ sauce. On a hot day, take a couple of sips out of your draft cider and top it up with ice cubes for the perfect accompaniment to your spicy wings. Just have a napkin on hand, as things are about to get messy. 


The golden rule of beer and snack pairings. 

The golden rule of beer and snack pairings is this: draft beers always taste better than bottled or canned beers with freshly prepared snacks. It’s simple, but it’s well worth remembering. Few things can compare to that sensation of enjoying an ice-cold draft beer on a warm summer’s day while sharing freshly prepared snacks and great conversation with your loved ones! 

At Pubinno, we’re super passionate about high-quality beer and sustainable drinking solutions. We think that draft beer is something that should be celebrated and enjoyed, and pairing draft beers with snacks is an excellent way to extract more flavor and enjoy your drinks in a slightly different way. 

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Cheers! 🍻