Privacy & Security Policies for Job Candidates


We are kindly requesting you to read the below given Clarification Text on Processing of Personal Data and learn about our purpose of processing your personal data and your associated rights within this scope.

  • Data Controller

Your personal data shall be processed by Pubinno İnovasyon Arge Pazarlama Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) as a Data Controller, within the below-specified scope, pursuant to Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”)

b) Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The personal data of our estimable online applicants to be obtained under the Employment Application Form shall be processed by our Company with a limited manner in order to execute the employee candidate selection and placement processes, to execute the application processes of the employee candidates, to determine the candidates who are suitable for the position, and to carry out communication activities in this context.

c) Method and Legal Reasons for Collecting Personal Data

The personal data to be collected from you shall be automatically processed on an electronic environment by basing on the legal ground as specified in Article 5 of the KVKK, which reads as follows: “It is necessary to process the personal data of parties of a contract, provided that the processing is directly related to the execution or performance of the contract.” 

d) Personal Data Categories and Types

Within the scope of the Employment Application Form, the below-mentioned personal data shall be obtained from you:

  • Identity Details: Name-Surname
  • Personnel Information: CV, letter of intent
  • Contact Details: E-mail Address

e)  Your Rights as a Data Subject 

You may communicate your requests in writing, regarding the rights of data subject regulated by Article 11 of the KVKK according to the Communiqué on Application Methods and Principles to the Data Controller to the below given address of our Company: Ömer Avni Mah. Dümen Sok. Gümüşsuyu İşM. No:11/3 Beyoğlu/İstanbul or by e-mail to the following e-mail address: [email protected] over your personal e-mail address written on the Employment Application Form. 



Data Controller

Your personal data shall be processed by Pubinno İnovasyon Arge Pazarlama Anonim Şirketi (“Company”), as a Data Controller, according to the below explained scope, pursuant to Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“the Law”).

Method of Collecting Personal Data and Legal Grounds

Our company processes personal data in auditory, electronic or written form which has been obtained from directly employee candidate, the application portal in the career tab of the company website, online CV sharing platforms, interviews and results of tests have been sent by our Company within the period which the candidate’s compliance for the position is evaluated, e-mail, mail, fax or any other communication channel in accordance with the data processing conditions set forth in the Law and purposes specified below, especially for operation and execution of job application period and, plan and execution of human resources period. 

Your personal data shall be processed regarding legal grounds such as; processing of your personal data is necessary (for example, processing personal data due to the pre-contract negotiation period), processing your personal data is mandatory to fulfil our legal obligations, your explicit consent received by us regarding necessary circumstances (for example regarding the special categories of personal data you have shared with us on your resume), operation of processes determined in laws, the company’s ability to fulfill its legal obligations within the framework of the relevant legislation, performance of employee contract may be executed between you and the Company, ensuring legitimate interest of the Company while prioritising your rights in every condition (for example, conducting interviews for the placement of the most suitable candidate in the most appropriate position) with condition of entering into a contractual relationship with you or our performance obligation arising from this contract is related.

III. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data stated above shall be processed for the purposes listed below, which are subject to your disclosure to us:

  • Main purpose of Planning and Execution of Human Resources Processes, Operating Employee Candidate/Trainee/Student Selection and Placement Processes, Operating Application Processes of Employee Candidates, Planning and/or Execution of Performing Activity/Efficiency and/or Appropriateness Analysis of Business Activities,
  • Conducting and finalizing the recruitment processes within the framework of evaluating your employment application and suitability for the relevant position, and in this context, contacting you or those you stated as a reference to us and confirmation of the accuracy of the information you have shared, and examination, observation and keeping record of experience, education and abilities which are stated during interviews, determination of the presence of training, qualifications and skills appropriate to the employment conditions of the relevant department to be employed, determination of special risks in terms of particular functions related to the job, evaluation of suitable positions that may occur in the future if the interview’s result is negative, determination of wage information and scale, conducting communication, within the scope of planning and execution of the Company’s human resources policies and processes; operation of personnel recruitment processes, tracing repeating  applications, fulfilling obligations arising from employment contract and/or legislation for company employees, planning and execution of side-benefits and advantages for employees, planning and execution of talent-career development activities.

Transfer of Personal Data

Our company takes care to process your personal data in accordance with the “need to know” and “need to use” principles by ensuring the necessary data minimization and taking necessary technical and administrative security measures. Since conducting or auditing business activities, ensuring business continuity, operating digital infrastructures necessitates continuous data flow with different stakeholders, we have to transfer the personal data we process with third parties for certain purposes.

Your personal data, in line with fulfilment of above- mentioned purposes and limited with this fulfilment only, may be processed within the country or abroad, and may be transferred to our shareholders, business partners, subsidiaries and affiliates, group companies; with the purpose of operating and auditing business activities, conducting business continuity activities, operating information security processes; references stated by you to confirm the information you declare, the parties we receive technical consultancy in the field of human resources and employment, our business partners and service providers that provide, operate or  serve to our IT infrastructure, our business partners and service providers providing services in the field of quality control, complaint management and risk analysis of services, legally authorized public institutions and private person or organizations and third parties to be specifically designated where the legitimate interest of the data controller requires, limitation with the purposes set forth in this clarification text.

Rights of Data Subject

You may get in contact with [email protected] or fill the form available in  as the person whose personal data is processed to submit your requests regarding the rights of data subject regulated by Article 11 of the Law (learning to process personal data, requesting information about processing, learning the compliance of processing to the purposes, learning the person’s personal data is being transferred, requesting correction of missing or incorrect processing, requesting deletion or destruction, requesting automatic notification to third parties about all transactions, objecting to analysis, requesting the indemnification of damages), according to the Communiqué on Application Methods and Principles to the Data Controller.

                                              CLARIFICATION DECLARATION

I hereby agree, declare and undertake that I have read the Clarification Text relating processing of my personal data and I have understood the briefing on processing and transferring of my personal data.

Name :

Date :

Signature  :


Within the scope of the Clarification Text regarding the processing of my personal data, for the transfer of the personal data I have provided to third parties residing abroad;

I have consent [   ]

I have no consent [   ]


I agree, declare and undertake that the persons I have stated as a reference may be contacted with the purpose of reference control, and I have informed/got permission from the data subjects regarding sharing their personal data with your company. Accordingly, I declare that I have informed the persons I have stated as a reference. Also, I give my permission to your Company to process all the personal data of mine, given to you by the persons I have stated as a reference.

Name :

Date :

Signature  :


By the company, within the scope of the planning and execution of human resources policies and processes, carrying out personnel procurement processes, planning human resources processes, objectively evaluating and finalizing my job suitability and competency, carrying out necessary work by our relevant business units for the realization of human resources activities carried out by the Company, and carrying out related business processes, I accept the processing of my special categories of personal data especially information such as health, criminal conviction information, association, foundation or union membership, for purposes such as planning and/or execution of business continuity activities and  its sharing with our business partners, shareholders, suppliers, people you specify as reference, legally authorized public institutions and private individuals or organizations, third parties, and third parties from abroad, service providers.

Employee Candidate’s:





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Information Security Management System Policy

We are undertaking the industry best practices to provide a secure infrastructure to preserve our client’s data. We warrant to provide the following practices to our clients as a part of our Information Security Management Policy:


  • Protecting information from unauthorized access
  • Preserving information privacy and integrity
  • Enabling authorized access to information when requested
  • Adapting the legal requirements in to our business workflows
  • Building a business continuity backbone with continuous improvements
  • Spreading information security awareness to all our stakeholders
  • Sharing all information security incidents known to us with public

Compliance Certifications

We are applying the industry standard certifications and committed to comply with the latest standards and regulations in order to keep our client data secure.