Pubinno Launched Taptronics® at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

February 2, 2016

Pubinno has launched world’s first IoT enabled Automated Beer Tap, Taptronics®, at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Taptronics is an IoT enabled automated beer tap that can be easily integrated to the all existing draft beer systems. It automatically pours precise amount of beer each time with optimum foam level and temperature as well as it tracks instant sale and inventory seamlessly by advanced technology. Real-time data can be tracked and reported through mobile and web applications for the benefit of establishments.

Next Generation Beverage Solutions from Pubinno

Pubinno is an Istanbul based start-up which develops IoT solutions for the food and beverage industry, and focuses on next generation smart beverage dispensers. Taptronics is the second product of Pubinno, comes after self-service beer dispenser launched in Turkey last summer, which is called BeerPoint. At the beginning of 2016, Pubinno is selected Prometheus program of Spanish Food & Tech accelerator Re-Imagine Food and have a chance to show up 4YFN during the Mobile World Congress.

Increase in Efficiency through Supply Chain Management and Improved Service Quality

Taptronics got lots of attention from media, investors and industry experts as it tracks all the transactions, and allow both beer brands and sales outlets to track the sales and inventory. Parties can handle real time replenishment by acting according to the data in order to avoid being out of stock or eliminate gaps. Taptronics also doesn’t allow service, if the quality of beer is not at the optimum level, and immediately warns the sales outlet about the problem.

Improves Profitability and Sales

Despite the over %20 industry average loss per keg, Taptronics doesn’t let any drop unaccounted or wasted. Robotic technology fastens pouring time which enables more sales especially for crowded places. Automated tapping also saves working hours of bartenders and increase service quality.

Taptronics has been tested in 3 different places for two weeks period for demo usage. Instead of %80 industry average of keg efficiency Taptronics improved it up to %95, which means approximately 7,5 litres of beer was saved from a 50 liter keg by using Taptronics. Demo was resulted up to %18 cost decrease and %16 profit increase with approximately 900$ savings from three Tapronics in two weeks.


The Rise of Craft Beer

The Rise of Craft Beer

Craft beer has taken the world by storm in the last decade, and its popularity is only growing. The movement began in the United States