Celebrating Growth and Innovation

Another quarter has flown by, and we’re excited to share the incredible milestones we’ve made. From bustling boardrooms in New York City to international recognitions, it’s been a whirlwind of progress.💪🏻 Join us as we dive into the highlights of Q3.

🗽 NYC Expansion & NYC Young Venture Summit


In an exciting turn of events, Pubinno has spread its wings even wider in the city that never sleeps, New York.🕊️ The skyline isn’t the only thing that’s grown taller; our network of partnerships and deals has soared to new heights.🤝

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Can Algul himself was on the ground himself, attending meetings that will shape the future of Pubinno and bring innovation to .🚀

In a move that truly demonstrates our commitment, both our Co-Founders will be permanently relocating to New York in October, ensuring we’re at the forefront of innovation, every step of the way. 💪🏻

Picture a world where every pour is a connected experience, and every keg’s journey is meticulously tracked for the perfect pint. That is what we at Pubinno are working on delivering to each and every one of you.

Finalists and Innovators: Pubinno Shines on Global Stages 🚀

During the quarter we left behind Pubinno was selected as a finalist at the Innovacion – FIAB Outgenia Awards in Spain 🇪🇸 and the prestigious Robotics & Automation Awards in the UK 🇬🇧. This recognitios are testaments to our commitment to pushing the boundaries for innovation.

Podcasts 🎧

The Co-Founder and CEO, Can Algul, joined the Real Leaders Podcast 🎧 and Legends Behind the Craft Podcast where he shared insights about our latest achievements as well as talked about the latest updates regarding Pubinno’s New York Expansion.

Learn the latest about Pubinno’s “Internet of Beer” journey with CEO Can Algul on Legends Behind the Craft. 

Listen to what Can Algul has to say about Pubinno’s US Expansion and what his definition of a Real Leader is.

Hospitality Tech Expo - ExCel London 🇬🇧


Our team at Pubinno is gearing up for the Hospitality Tech Expo at ExCel London, taking place on 🗓️ October 10 – 11, where our Director of Growth and Marketing, Yigit Taskin, will be present as Keynote Speaker discussing the Future of the Beverage Industry through Pubinno’s Innovative AI-Driven Approach. 🚀

If you are also attending or know someone who is, make sure to swing by Booth F65 to witness our solutions firsthandand and learn how we are revolutionizing the way draft beverages are served and enjoyed. We’d love to connect and exchange ideas.🙏🏻

Plus, treat yourself to the perfect pour from our iconic Smart Tap! 🍻

Environmental Report: Pouring Sustainably 🌳


Sustainability is at the heart of our mission, and our recent findings underscore the impact we’re making. Last quarter we released Pubinno’s Net Zero Manifesto, vouching our dedication to a greener future. During this quarter we released our first Environmental Impact Report ♻️ proving once again the positive impact the Smart Tap and Smart Clean have in the environment.

To give you a short run down of the results:

Bottled beer’s carbon footprint surpasses keg beer consumption by a staggering 150% 📈

Over the course of a year, traditional products generate an alarming 512% more carbon and water footprints compared to Pubinno’s Smart Tap 🚦

To date, we’ve proudly served over 64 Million Perfect Pints worldwide, from Tokyo to Madrid, saving an incredible 710+ Million Liters of water💧

With conventional draft systems now in the rearview, we’re leading the way towards a new and greener era.

Great Place to Work for Women 👩🏼‍💻

We’re excited to announce that Pubinno has been selected as a Great Place to Work for Women.

Proving once again our commitment to creating a workplace where diversity thrives, and every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed.


📚 Explore Pubinno's Blog

In honor of our expansion in New York City we would like to share with you some of our newest blog posts with the best bars to enjoy draft beer in NYC and if you get the chance to visit any of these amazing breweries let us know. 😊

Farewell to a Quarter of Perfection 🙌

Throughout these past months, we have made remarkable strides in expanding our reach and cultivating meaningful partnerships.🚀

Our relentless commitment to excellence drives us to improve our products each day, ensuring they meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customers. 🍺

As we say goodbye to this quarter, we express our gratitude for your support.

We can’t wait to share more exciting developments with you in the future.🙏🏻

Cheers 🍻