Pubinno Press Release: “Perfect Beer” is in town

December 1, 2017
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“Perfect Beer” is in town! Pubinno’s smart beer tap, Taptronics™, serves the perfect beer, for every single pint, with a single touch. Once you experience Perfect Beer topped with Taptronics Creamy Foam, you will not be able to drink beer from any other tap. 

San Francisco, CA –January 12, 2016- Pubinno is a San Francisco based startup in Alchemist Accelerator Class 14. Company has launched its smart beer tap Taptronics™ at TechCrunch Disrupt SF’16. Taptronics serves the perfect beer for every single pint with its patented sensor fusion and robotics technology. Taptronics Creamy Foam delivers a rich, smooth, durable and creamy foam that enhances aroma, prevents oxidation and provides isolation. The end result is a wonderful drinking experience. Taptronics™ never wastes or spills any drop of beer thanks to its optimized algorithm. It also standardizes the service quality. Taptronics eliminates waste & fraud, providing up to 20% savings to restaurants and bars. It decreases draft beer costs up to $2,000 per month per tap. Moreover, bar managers and breweries can track their sales and inventory via Taptronics™’ mobile application in real time.

To create a true transformation, it’s important to offer value to each party in the ecosystem. During the development of Taptronics™ and the Internet of Beer concept, Pubinno examined the pains of all stakeholders including consumers, brands, sales outlets, bartenders, distributors and maintenance crew.

“Our beer tastes great with creamy foam. Being able to standardize our service quality regardless of the sales point was a real pain killer for us. We are truly happy to start a pilot with 50 Taptronics™” said Izzet Ozilhan, Board Member at Anadolu Efes (10th largest beer manufacturer in the world)

“I like how I can track my sales and inventory from my smart phone at home and happy with increase in my profits. More importantly, our customers love the enhanced aroma with creamy foam. We are going to replace all our manual taps with Taptronics” Vince Lau, Owner at Fiddler’s Green of SF.

About Pubinno

Pubinno is a San Francisco based start-up founded by a young and passionate team. It develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for HoReCa, and focuses on next generation smart beverage dispensers. Pubinno aims to help beverage producers and sales outlets increase productivity and sustainability, decrease costs and run data-led marketing activities while enhancing the consumer experience. Learn more at

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