Pubinno’s First Product BeerPoint® at Sales Points with Efes Beverage Group

May 15, 2015

Pubinno launched BeerPoint® Self-Serving Smart Beer Dispenser in two of the most prestigious beach clubs with Anadolu Efes Beverage Group. – market leader in Turkey. BeerPoint is designed to improve the service time and quality of draft beer by standardizing its temperature and foam level. All BeerPoint devices generate real time data to sales outlets and breweries to ease management, improve sales and provide better customer satisfaction.

Ice-Cold Draft Beer in 8.4 Seconds

For people who are not happy with the wait time to reach a bartender or waitress in pubs, bars and all other places serving alcohol or with their draft beer due to its foam or temperature, Pubinno introduced a revolutionary product BeerPoint that allows people to get their own beer in less than 9 seconds after the purchase of pre-paid cards from a bar. A consumer gets a glass, taps her card, and BeerPoint’s patented faucet TapTronics™ automatically pours the pre-defined amount of ice-cold beer in 8.4 seconds.

Increase in Efficiency through Supply Chain Management and Improved Service Quality

BeerPoint tracks all the transactions, and allow both breweries and sales outlets to track the sales and act accordingly to avoid being out of stock or eliminate gaps. BeerPoint doesn’t allow service, if the quality of beer is not at the optimum level, and immediately warns the sales out about the problem.

Improves Profitability and Sales

BeerPoint minimizes the waste as it pours the precise amount of beer creates an additional sales channel and improves service quality especially during the peak times.

“We’re very impressed with BeerPoint, which makes tracking sales possible and decreases the fraud. In the future, we would like to see more BeerPoint spots in our beach.” Arda Cayirli – Owner, Fun Beach

“I believe that we will be seeing more game changer products in the food and beverage sector, soon. As Pubinno, we’re thrilled to be working with Anadolu Efes and being not only a part of this change in the sector, but also a pioneer of it.” Can Algül – CEO, Pubinno