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Pubinno’s Smart Solutions on Hygiene and Sustainability for the Beverage Industry

The full extent of COVID-19’s impact on human life has become an extraordinary accelerator for change. As cleaning, safety, and social-distancing arrangements in social life gained huge importance after uncontrollable spread of the new coronavirus, the whole world started to reimagine businesses across sectors through human and AI collaboration at its best. A 2019 global Accenture study on AI found that one of biggest barriers to scaling the technology is lack of employee adoption*. In the midst of crisis, however, the need for innovation is greater than ever to meet new consumer needs and expectations by identifying new possibilities. 

While everything we touch and consume is now more important than ever, many analysts pointed out that the HoReCa sector has been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic**. In that sense, challenges and solutions for the beverage industry became highly important to ensure people feel safe and secure again. Pubinno’s Smart Solutions provide perfect drinking experience with a strong focus on the highest possible level of hygiene, social distancing arrangements, and safety. While the impressive combination of AI, IoT, and Robotics bring about better quality management and full awareness of operational efficiencies for bar owners and breweries, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing options result in consumers’ health and well-being protection thanks to Pubinno’s contactless solutions. In addition to disruptive technology that enable beer lovers worldwide to have perfect drinking experience with hygienic and contactless opportunities, Pubinno is also dedicated to providing sustainable practices for the beverage industry. Building a truly sustainable world became one of the most important challenges for the world during the global pandemic and Pubinno strongly believes that we still have time to reconsider the habits that do not respond to our global problems. For that purpose, Pubinno Smart Taps integrate sustainability into the global beverage industry not only to manage health risks but also to reduce costs and environmental harms of the HoReCa channel. While water is essential to life and many other consumption needs, Pubinno is proud of saving 76 million liters of water without sacrificing the high quality of service. 

In an effort to maintain disruptive technologies for the global beverage industry, Pubinno’s Smart Solutions invite you to discover the innovative world of new normal, which socialize people responsibly and safely. Pubinno has been leading the way to come up with the most hygienic and sustainable solutions to the global beverage industry and brewery management for a better future!





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