Explore the city with Pubinno Selections Map, your go-to destination for discovering the perfect draft beer experience – carefully measured
and consistently monitored according to industry standards.

Raise the bar to perfection

Joker No:19

Joker No:19 is the place to find the beer that tastes good - among countless options ranging from hoppy APAs to traditional lagers.


At ANY, you will enjoy your perfect brew - whether it’s a flavorful Neipa or a rich Pilsner - poured perfectly from the Smart Tap with an array of beer snacks.

The North Shield Pub

You don't have to be a master cicerone or beer expert to enjoy the perfect pour - just a curiosity to explore the wonders Pubinno’s Smart Tap’s technology creates for you draft beer at The North Shield Pub.

Pera Public

Watch Pubinno’s Smart Tap in action at Pera Public, pouring exceptional brews, whether you're looking for your favorite draught or trying out a unique stout.