Executive Summary

In this report, Pubinno, as The Future of Draft Beer, aims to analyze the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic on the food and beverage industry through changing consumer behaviors. This study took its resources from interviews with representatives of the industry, and the Pubinno database. We, as the Pubinno Company, attempted to present you a clearer picture by combining our industry experience and the data we have collected.

While the report started with the role of technology in the Covid-19 outbreak, we primarily aimed to share with our readers our analysis of the distribution of sales before and after the outbreak, the measures taken, and the new consumer behaviors that emerged following this. In this period, where we witness the increasing role of high technology in the way of doing business in all sectors, we are happy to bring you light on the path of understanding and interpreting the present and the future by blending the important and surprising inferences we have obtained from our database with our sector experience