Smart Tap
Let’s make every pint perfect!

Pubinno’s Smart Tap, powered by Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, improves keg efficiency up to 20%, controls the flow rate of beer and tracks all the parameters for the draft beer system such as pressure, line cleaning, temperature, keg freshness to maintain the highest beer quality and deliver perfect beer regardless of type, infrastructure, time and location. 

Smart Taps

makes every pint



Artificial Intelligence

Tap Into Perfection with
AI-Powered Smart Tap

The AI system installed in our Smart Tap collects real-time data from the sensors and turns the data into actionable insights that are accessible via Pubinno’s data center,  the Smart Hub.

Our products learn from the past, provide data for the present, and offer insights for the future – enabling intentional decisions in the industry for the first time ever.


Robotics Mechanism

Tap Into Perfection with
AI-Powered Smart Tap

Patented Pubinno Robotics Technology embedded in the Smart Tap enables bartenders to control the amount of foam and the flow rate of beer, resulting in up to 20% enhanced efficiency per keg.

Perfect Beer Taste Standardized

The Smart Tap, powered by our patented Artificial Intelligence and Robotics system, controls precisely the amount of foam and the flow rate of beer.  It tracks all the parameters that influence beer quality, ensuring a perfect beer experience regardless of time and location.
The result | 9% increase in draft beer sales

20% Enhanced Keg Efficiency

Pubinno maximizes keg efficiency, improving it by up to 20% through the power of data, enhancing quality standards, and minimizing unaccounted sales.

Profitable Insights

Thanks to its advanced sensor technology, the Smart Tap provides real-time data on every parameter of a draft beer system. This valuable data is seamlessly transmitted, collected, and analyzed on the Smart Hub—a digitized bridge connecting the past, present, and future, resulting in increased profits.

Minimize Waste,
Maximize Impact

Every perfect pint poured from the Smart Tap is a step towards a Net Zero future. 

So far we have served over 60 million perfect pints around 3 continents and saved over 700 million liters of water

Our goal is to save 1 billion liters of water by 2030 to create a Net Zero Future of Draft Beer worldwide.


User Experience

Easy perfection with
every interaction

Designed in San Francisco with a user-centric approach, the Smart Tap enables bartenders to provide excellent customer service even during busy periods when they have to juggle numerous drinks at once.


Every pint is trackable with

Pubinno Mobile App

User friendly Pubinno App helps pub owners track their draft beer’s real time conditions and important business KPIs for excellent pub service and business management

You can download for free from App Store and Google Play. If you need learn more visit Smart Hub page

Remote Control & Premium Support

Pubinno Smart Solutions set brings further flexibility and agility
to the draft beer operations as it is fully automatized and
digitalized which minimizes the dependency on third parties
and the manual intervention at the pub.


Keep track of every pint with

Pubinno Mobile App

The user-friendly Pubinno Pro App helps pub owners and managers to monitor the real-time condition of their draft beer, enabling them to gain valuable insights into the performance of their business by delivering KPIs related to quality and operational excellence.

Download now for free on App Store or Google Play.
For more information please visit the Smart Hub page.


Remote Control & Premium Support

Pubinno’s fully digitized and automated solutions enable flexible and agile draft beer operations, easily accessible through our Mobile App. With our dedicated Customer Support team available at every step, manual processes and reliance on third parties are eliminated.


Do you know how many liters of water
Pubinno has saved so far?



Tapping Into The Net Zero Future

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8 Tips For Pouring Perfect Beer

Pouring the perfect beer is all about mastering the control of the bar. Here are 8 tips from Pubinno for pouring the perfect beer!


Why does draft beer taste way better?

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