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Sustainability: Latest News in the Beer Industry

May 5, 2021

Water is at the core of each and everything in the world. It is necessary for the continuity of life and the main ingredient of the one thing we love the most: Perfect Beer! Without water, there would be no beer. That is why water sustainability is an essential topic of discussion in the beer industry. We will check out what brewers, from small to large, are doing to preserve water for the beer industry.

Water has a great place in the beer industry as in every sector. The brewing itself is unimaginable without water, but brewers are determined to create a better future. According to Sabmiller’s report, the industry uses approximately 102,5 liters of water for every liter of beer produced. That would mean roughly 10 billion liters of water are used only in the U.S. Most brewers are mindful that water scarcity poses a challenge to their activities. That is why they have all come up with different strategies to tackle the issue of sustainability and beer. Let’s have a closer look at them!

Efforts from Some of the Industry-Leading Companies about Sustainability and Beer


Heineken’s Every Drop 2030 Strategy

Heineken’s Every Drop strategy is built around three principles:


  1. Efficiency: Using as little water as possible,
  2. Circularity: Cleaning and reusing water,
  3. Stewardship: Supporting watersheds to absorb more water.

Heineken breweries decreased their water consumption by 33% in 2020. Further, 97% of the wastewater was treated before disposal. Their 2030 vision seems like shaping the company quite successfully. The Dutch brewery is an industry giant valued at 26.5 Billion dollars. I a scale like this, even the most minor efforts can create significant effects.

Molson Coors

Molson Coors’ Aims to Increase Efficiency

The company set a target to improve water-use efficiency in their large breweries by 22% to achieve a 2.8 hl/hl water-to-beer ratio. They also commit to investing in wastewater treatment facilities and generating clean energy from this waste stream. Obviously, Molson Coors will create more strategies to cope with the challenges of the climate change.

AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch Aims to Secure Water Access

Without a doubt, AB InBev takes sustainability as a central core of their business. By adopting the 2025 Sustainability Goals, the company started a big initiative. For this reason, they are partnering with local authorities like the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Following, the company aims to make 100% of its product in returnable packaging or made from a majority of recycled content. Moreover, they want to add renewable electricity capacity to regional grids and to have a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions across their value chain.

Additionally, by 2025, they claim that 100% of their communities in high-stress areas have measurably improved water availability and quality. Being one of the top brewing company globally, A.B. InBev knows it depends on high-quality crops to brew its beers. So they are giving significant attention to supporting their farmers to be skilled, connected, and financially empowered. They conducted a flagship platform called SmartBarley, which leverages data, technology, and insight to help enrolled farmers improve their productivity and environmental performance.


Together Towards Zero with Carlsberg

Carlsberg is also one of the most important leading figures in adapting sustainable brewing practices. Their strategy is based on a campaign called “Together Towards ZERO.” The campaign consists of four ambitions:


  • Carbon Footprint
  • Water Waste
  • Irresponsible Drinking
  • Accidents Culture

They claim to eliminate carbon emissions at their breweries by 2030 and use 100% renewable electricity by 2022. Also, they aim to cut water usage in their breweries by half by 2030 and offer distribution of alcohol-free brews by 2022 to expand consumer choice and give detailed nutrition and ingredient information on their packaging to encourage responsible consumption. Furthermore, Carlsberg is also building a ZERO accident culture by pre-empting the potential risks of their operations and providing a safe working environment.


The Climate Declaration

In the United States, 42 beer companies have signed the Climate Declaration, a 2013 climate advocacy effort by non-profit sustainability organization Ceres. These breweries include big players Guinness or New Belgium Brewery. The Climate Declaration guarantees that companies need to reduce emissions because the beer industry’s growth causes rising emissions. The negative impacts are more imminent since the beer industry relies on barley and hops cultivation.

What are we Doing?

Without a doubt, Pubinno technologies revolve around sustainability. Therefore Pubinno technology helps the brewing industry reduce waste by 20% per keg in draft beer systems. With this in mind, Pubinno’s AI-powered Smart Taps, with its patented robotics mechanism, ensure that you get the perfect amount of beer every single time. As a result, Smart Taps saved a whooping 500 million liters of water. We believe that no single drop of beer should be wasted to truly reach a sustainable brewing ecosystem. 

Altogether, we passionately work to expand our Internet of Beer family to save more every day. We feel the responsibility for future generations. Hopefully, we can raise our perfect draft beers sustainably with our technologies. Cheers! 🍻

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