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Sustainability and Beer in 3 Questions

June 26, 2020
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Building a truly sustainable world is one of the most important challenges for the world during the Corona crisis. COVID-19 pandemic led us to become more worried about our future and less accepting of insensitivity to nature. As is well know, water is the most essential element of nature and life. And beer is the essential element of our culture. Here are the fundemental points of sustainability and beer in 3 questions.

1- What is the Global Water Crisis?

Although it is easy to think that water will always be enough for us while it covers 3/4th of the planet, the oceans make up about 97% of Earth’s water. And much of the freshwater sources in glaciers and polar ice. Therefore, the water supply for human consumption is quite limited, and our blue planet faces formidable threats.

According to the High Level Panel on Water convened by the United Nations and the World Bank Group in 2018, 40% of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity. It is also estimated that 700 million people worldwide are at risk of being displaced due to waste of water by 2030. It is clear, then, that a major step forward in reducing water waste is critical to fight climate change and achieve a water-secure future.

2- What Does It All Mean for Beer?

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage globally and the third most consumed beverage overall, after water and tea**. Global beer consumption reaches up to 200 billion liters annually. Of course, its popularity has consequences. The water footprint of beer is highly important to help to saving the environment. Especially considering that every step of the brewing process requires water. SABMiller’s joint research with WWF found out that 50 to 155 liters of beer is used to produce only a liter of beer.  

Besides the water consumption during production, there is also a very high percentage of waste in draft beers systems. Based on research conducted on bar owners, 23% percentage on average. It is mostly due to the poor and insufficient draft beer systems. The insufficient and out-of-date systems does not give a chance to track the beer in the most developed way. 

In addition, we usually miss about the beer line cleaning when it comes to sustainability. For instance, it is sadly true that the beer-line cleaning process uses the most water —13 to 36 liters. Since beer is a very complex drink and the industry is huge, there are many elements to truly understand what drinking beer costs. 

3- How Pubinno Leads Sustainability in the Beer Industry?

Raising awareness of unsustainable practices requires bold new thinking and vision. We, as Pubinno, are passionate about developing high-quality technology to fight the waste of water in the global beer industry. We are proud of the progress we have made so far. Pubinno Smart Taps have saved almost 500 million liters of water. Nope, that’s not a typo, 500 million liters of water. It is more than the annual drinking water of 555,000 people. We are glad to embrace innovation in the beer industry for the good of both the world and the entire draft beer ecosystem.

As a start-up that aims to industry and innovates the century-old practices, Pubinno also takes the initiative to modernize the processes like beer line cleaning. With the newest member of the Internet of Beer family, Smart Clean, we save 25% more water than the traditional cleaning systems with 80% more efficiency. 

We have a passion for planet Earth. We have a passion for beer. Everything we do is driven by our dream of bringing sustainability to the global beer industry for a better world. We strongly believe that fixing the future purely and simply depends on our actions. As climate change increasingly deepens water resources challenges, Pubinno, as The Future of Draft Beer, will always continue to put great effort into building a more sustainable world

Cheers to a better tomorrow!


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