Recently we have participated in the International Exhibition in Milan, Seeds&Chips, which is focused on food and technology. Investors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, companies in food and tech came together in order to share their experience, vision and projects about the future of food. We had a great time while presenting TapTronics™ and also we were glad to have seen that as Pubinno we follow a common goal with other exhibitors: Sustainability.

Our CTO, Necdet Alpmen at Seeds&Chips with Reimagine Food Startups from Spain
Our CTO, Necdet Alpmen at Seeds&Chips with Reimagine Food Startups from Spain

In a World where climate change, demographic changes, excess use of natural sources is real facts, it is undeniable that a sustainable consumption and production of food is vital. Do not hesitate to check out UN’s sustainable development program, to get further information, focused on sustainable consumption and production.

Water Draught

In fact the main reason of sensibility for sustainable consumption and production is water drought. According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification land degradation, desertification and drought are unfortunately contributing to the global water crisis. Besides, we have already experienced such crisis in California, USA in recent years and, it is still a big issue and getting worst, if the drought will be keeping hitting the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The main idea we’ve got from Seeds&Chips Exhibition was clear: Innovating the food system is not just an opportunity; it is a challenge that concerns us all. As Pubinno, keeping always in our minds the mission of sustainability, we are very proud to innovating the food and beverage system with our products. TapTronics™, as IoT-enabled automated beer tap, are for preventing deficiency of beer.

So you may wonder how deficiency of beer can be beneficial to sustainability mission. Let’s take a look at some research results. As a global US $400 billion market, draft beer also has a huge water footprint. The water footprint is an indicator of freshwater use that looks at both direct and indirect water use of a consumer or producer. For example, according to Leon Kaye, founder and editor of, it takes 170 to 310 litres of water to produce a half litre of soda, 140 litres to produce the ingredients that go into one cup of coffee. For beer the numbers are so high too: 300 litres of water is required to make 1 litre of beer. How much beer is lost from a keg then? Industry average loss per keg is over %20! At the end it makes tons of water loss if this beverage service system continues.

TapTronics™ is here to innovate an actual beverage service system. TapTronics™ works while controlling over 10 parameters such as humidity, temperature, expiry date of beer etc. in order to keep the service at the ideal level. In this manner they avoid over 20% loss of beer per keg! -which means approximately 10 litres of beer is saved from a 50 litres keg by using TapTronics™ and 3000 litres of water! Isn’t it amazing just the idea of saving such amount of water.

Go find a bar, restaurant or any places that serves draft beer with Taptronics and prevent water loss! Save the beer with Taptronics, save the water too!

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