Taptronics™ will be new revolutionary ATMs for beverage industry

August 9, 2019
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Nowadays, we are adopted to live fast: we are rushing. We’re trying to be everywhere at every time. That’s why time is so important for us. Time means money, time means opportunity, time means advantage. Every second, we’re running out of time. And technological developments won’t stop; they are here for us to increase our life quality. One of them is Electronic Banking: Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Try to think life before ATMs. It was a nightmare. Poor service quality, inadequate customer services and lengthening queues… Analog banking was a real trouble. If you don’t have any cash in the early morning and if you need it immediately, you must get in the banking line with all the other persons trying to do the same process with you at the same time.

So with the advent of ATMs, our whole life has changed. You don’t need anymore to go an analog banking and wait in that long queue for hours. Whenever you need cash, you can access it everywhere at anytime. It was a revolutionary change for humanity. And right now, Taptronics™ is here for you to do the same thing like ATMs. It will be a revolutionary approach to beverage industry. Taptronics™ will be new ATMs for old beverage industry.

Just think about it. Normally, when you go to a bar or pub, either you sit and wait to give your order, or you go to bar side to find a bartender. And you start to wait. You wait the entire crowded place to settle down so you can pay your order. It’s not so easy especially on weekend nights since there’s no order and there’s so many people. Nothing has changed; it was just like the same in 80’s. Why technology is applying every sector in the world but not in bar sector? Why bar sector cannot profit technology as the other sectors do? So we thought and said “Why don’t we apply ATM idea in bar sector? What if there is something that pushes forward you to be quicker?” And Taptronics™ appeared and it is here for you.

Let’s look at what Taptronics™ can do:


Taptronics™ saves 2 man/hour everyday by its automated system. To fill a glass, you need approximately 10-15 seconds. So bartenders should hold their arms in the air for 10-15 seconds. They are not only doing this, they are also controlling if the glass is full or overflow, they are getting money from customers, they’re preparing the other orders. They certainly need to be fast, attentive and focused on what they are doing. But as we know, they are not robots.

With Taptronics™, life is easier for everyone especially for bartenders. The only thing that they have to do is to put glass under the smart beer tap. Only 10 seconds after your beer is done! No spill, no stress, no fatigue! While the beer pours, the bartender can get the payment from customer and that gives a huge acceleration to the cycle.

If you want to produce more, you should be able to manage time efficiently. To be more organized gives you more than you think.

You must be fast, creative and innovative to get over the time issue.

It’s like butterfly effect. As we know, the butterfly effect is a very sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic dimension can result huge differences.

Although the shopping picks up steam, the people start to feel happy since the operation process increases. While operation process increases, pubs and bars starts to fit in a new order. This order increases transactions between buyer and seller. Producers’ profitability increases so people can reach beer at anytime they want. A small touch can change the entire order completely. So we are here to be a butterfly in beverage industry.


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