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Pubinno’s Smart Solutions: the only way to reach the most hygienic draft beer

June 12, 2020
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If you have a beer in your hand, life is probably good. But, if you have the most hygienic beer in your hand, life is even better.

On 28 July 2010, the right to sanitation was recognized as a human right by the United Nations General Assembly* and it includes safe, hygienic, and secure conditions in all spheres of life to ensure dignity and well-being of human life. However, for a while now, we are all going through tough times that make us rethink about our basic rights and needs to sustain our social lives properly even in the age of advanced technology.

The rapid and uncontrollable spread of the new coronavirus led the World Health Organization to characterize the situation as a pandemic in March 2020**. Since then, all of us started wondering what the world will be like post-Covid-19 process. Although the epidemic imprisoned us at homes to protect ourselves and others for a while, the actions we will take from now on will determine everything across the world. 

What’s certain is that hygiene and safety will play a huge role to make provisions for human health and well-being protection in every field of life and it is related to our consumption patterns the most. Everything we touch and consume is now more important than ever. As the whole food & beverage sector continues to combat new daily challenges during the global coronavirus pandemic, this challenging time is a chance for the beer industry to experience innovative solutions. As The Future of Draft Beer, we see our role and responsibility in this crisis.

closeup of water drops falling in the glass

What we do

Pubinno Smart Taps bridge the gap between hygiene and beer by promoting health and safety in the entire draft beer ecosystem thanks to the impressive combination of AI, IoT, Robotics and Automation. Our Smart Taps replace the manual taps in bars to accelerate draft beer safety and hygiene improvements. Entire draft beer ecosystem can reach the highest possible level of beer safety and personal hygiene provided by Smart Taps’ automatic flow regulation, in-situ alarms, and internet connectivity. 

Every piece of equipment that touches the beer directly such as keg couplers, beer lines and taps should be cleaned to serve the Perfect Beer. Pubinno Smart Taps provide detailed reports on date and quality of these cleanings. One of the major advantages of Smart Taps is that they provide better quality management by sending critical notifications to bartenders and bar owners. To have full awareness of the product results in the maintenance of hygiene standards for the sake of excellent service quality.

While cleanliness is pretty much top of mind these days, breweries also need to ensure that their equipment is sanitized as it critically affects the quality of the finished product. Rather than unstandardized service in terms of cleaning quality and periods which reduce both efficiency and productivity, breweries take the advantage of Pubinno’s patented technology that results in the ultimate aim of the whole industry which is serving the Perfect Beer.

Pubinno’s innovative solutions also reduce the safety and hygiene concerns of beer-lovers all over the globe. Thus, consumers can drink the Perfect Beer without having any concern with their health.

While contactless alternatives to serve people gained huge importance during the pandemic, Pubinno’s BeerPoint, which was offered to customers as customization before, nowadays has exceptionally high demand in the global beer market. BeerPoint is an internet connected, contactless self-service beer dispenser which offer mobile payment opportunity to beer-lovers. Therefore, consumers’ concerns about hygiene and health are solved by Pubinno’s BeerPoint.

So what’s next?

Although coronavirus disrupted our lives for a while now, we, as Pubinno, are getting to the stage stronger than ever to transform the entire draft beer ecosystem. Disruptive and solution-oriented innovation is our biggest goal to improve hygiene and quality standards in the beer industry. For that purpose, we are taking further steps to come with our new disruptive product for serving Perfect Beer to all beer-lovers.

Nothing matters more than our health now and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic showed us how quickly our priorities changed and how quickly all beverages including beer needed to adapt. Pubinno believes that the global beer industry needs both advanced technology and social and environmental impact to create long-term values to build a better world. We couldn’t be more proud of our efforts to build an innovation culture and new solutions for the entire industry.

Pubinno’s innovative and predictive vision was clear for the time before the pandemic and today is the same as yesterday: Pubinno, as The Future of Draft Beer, leads the way and provides the actions that should be taken for now and the future.

Keep an eye out for us to reach the Perfect Beer and stay tuned and safe for better days ahead.


Details will be available @Braubeviale





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