Why Does Draft Beer Taste Way Better? #BEER201

October 19, 2023
Why Does Draft Beer 
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When it comes to beer, there’s something undeniably special about a freshly poured draft. It’s not just an old saying – there’s science behind it. Draft beer offers a flavor experience that bottles and cans simply can’t match. Let’s delve into why this is the case.

Freshness Matters

Draft beer is renowned for its superior freshness. Brewed and stored under controlled conditions, it undergoes minimal exposure to light and air. This ensures that the flavor profile remains intact, making keg-served beer consistently superior to bottled alternatives. With Pubinno’s Smart Tap, you can monitor the freshness of your kegs in real-time, ensuring your customers always enjoy beer at its best.

Temperature and Pressure: The Perfect Duo

Maintaining precise temperature and pressure levels is crucial in serving draft beer. Too high, and you get excessive foam; too low, and the beer lacks effervescence. Pubinno’s Smart Tap ensures optimal conditions, guaranteeing your customers always enjoy beer at its freshest and finest quality with every single pour by alerting bartenders when the temperature of the beer is too high and optimising it. 

Light: A Potential Spoiler

Light exposure is a nemesis for beer. It can lead to that unpleasant “skunky” taste, particularly in bottles with lighter hues. Unlike bottled beer, which is at risk during transport, draft beer is stored in an environment that shields it from damaging UV rays.

Pasteurisation: A Flavor Game-Changer

Draft beer is typically not pasteurized, preserving its true taste. Pasteurization, a process involving high heat, is used to extend the shelf life of bottled beer. This alters the flavor, making draft beer the purer choice. 

Pubinno’s Smart Tap ensures that you serve beer as it was meant to be, fresh and perfect thanks to its imbeded technology which control all of the factors making of the perfect beer and even giving alerts to bar tenders and bar owners when the quality of the beer is low, if the temperature is too high or even if the keg has been opened for too long. Learn more about the Smart Tap from here

Pouring Technique: A Finer Touch

The way beer is poured matters. Draft beer undergoes a unique pouring process, allowing for a mellower taste compared to the brisk pour of bottled varieties. This results in a more refined and flavorful drinking experience. The Smart Tap regulates the flow of beer with unparalleled accuracy, achieving the perfect pint with every pour. See what beer experts have to say about the Smart Tap.  

Draft beer’s superiority 

Draft beer’s superiority arises from a combination of factors: its unparalleled freshness, precise temperature and pressure control, protection from light, and an unaltered flavor profile. This makes it the preferred choice for true beer lovers.

 FAQs About Draft Beer

  • Does Draft Beer Taste Better Than Regular Beer?  

Absolutely. Draft beer, served in an open cup, delivers a fuller flavor compared to bottled options.

  • What Is the Best Way to Drink a Draft Beer?  

Opt for an open cup to experience the full flavor profile of draft beer.

  • Is Fresh Beer Better for You?

Freshly brewed beer retains its rich flavors, particularly in hop-forward styles like IPAs. However, over time, these flavors diminish.

  • Why Does Draft Beer Taste Better Than Canned? 

Draft beer avoids exposure to light, preventing the bittering reactions that occur in canned beer.

  • Why Does Beer Taste Better in a Bottle?  

Bottled beer is shielded from light and air, preserving its freshness and taste for a longer period.

  • How Does Pubinno’s Smart Tap Improve Beer Quality?

Pubinno’s Smart Tap maintains precise temperature and pressure levels, guaranteeing the optimal serving conditions for draft beer, resulting in a superior drinking experience.

  • What Role Does Smart Clean Play in Beer Quality?

Smart Clean ensures that beer lines are regularly and thoroughly cleaned, preserving the quality and taste of every pour.

  • How can I learn more about the Smart Tap and Smart Clean? 

You can schedule a demo with our team to learn more about Pubinno’s products and solutions from here.


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