Best Arcade Bars in New York City 

November 6, 2023
Best Arcade Bars in 
New York City 1 


Barcade, the original arcade bar, is a one of the most well know spots for classic arcade games and American craft beer. The first Barcade bar opened in 2004, in the Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood and since then, it has become a go to destination for gamers and beer enthusiasts all accross the globe.

– The Birth of Barcade

The story of Barcade starts in the early 2000s when four friends – Paul, Pete, Kevin, and Scott – discovered a shared love for vintage video games and craft beer. This shared passion and love was the beginning of a beautiful and daring venture as they gave up their careers to follow they’re dreams. 

– Legendary Gaming Moments

Soon after being opened, Barcade gained recognition for hosting a number of gaming records. Famous gamers like Hank Chien, George Leutz, and Joshua Lombay have made history by setting new records in games like Donkey Kong, Qbert, and Midway Timber.

These world records, set within the walls of Barcade, contributed to its iconic status in the video game community and made it the iconic bar that is so well know for today. 

– Games and Drinks

With a curated selection of 40 to 75 classic arcade games and pinball machines from the 1980s Barcade offers an experience like no other arcade bar. Complemented by a wide range of 25 to 30 American craft beers on tap there is no doubt Barcade offers it all. Customers can also enjoy a full bar stocked with spirits. 

– Expanding the Fun

The success of Barcade led to the establishment of new locations across various states. With nine locations across the US from New York to Los Angeles, it is no shock that Barcade is dominating the arcade bar industry in the US.

– Awards and Going Green

Certified green by the Green Restaurant Association, Barcade has received recognition for its commitment to eco-friendly practices. Over the years, Barcade has a lso received aknowledgement from esteemed publications like Esquire and popular platforms like Foursquare, for they’re work in sustainability. 

Barcade is a pioneer in the world of video game bars, perfectly combining the excitement of classic gaming with the fun of draft beer. As its presence continues to expand, so does its influence.

Whether you are a dedicated gamer or simply seeking a good time, Barcade promises an unforgettable experience for all. Join the fun and enjoy Barcade’s unique game and beer combination. This is where games, brews, and records collide, creating an unforgettable experience for all who step through Barcade’s doors.

The Gutter

A new social gathering spot in Manhattan’s Essex Crossing, The Gutter offers a unique blend of bowling action, craft beer offerings, and delicious cuisine. 

Featuring 12 traditional lanes, a 100-foot bar with four big-screen TVs, and an extensive selection of 24 American craft beer options, The Gutter is geared towards bowling and craft beer enthusiasts.

At The Gutter, you can enjoy a full kitchen with ice cream and booze, complete with its impressive brick oven. The pizzas are delicious and perfectly match the beer selection.Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or a gourmet creation, The Gutter has your pizza cravings covered.

Craft beer enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise at The Gutter, with twelve unique brews on draft, starting at just $5 a pint. For those seeking a different type of beverage, the bar offers a full range of mixed drinks, starting at $6. With a diverse selection of beverages, there’s something to please every palate.

Bowling at The Gutter is not only a fun-filled activity but also an affordable one, with games priced at just $7 each. For larger groups of four or more, an hourly rate of approximately $42 ensures a fantastic bowling experience.

Given the popularity of The Gutter, it operates on a no-reservation policy. However, with demand being high, customers can enjoy a few drinks while waiting for their turn to hit the lanes. The Gutter is not just about bowling; it’s an all-encompassing entertainment destination where options to drink, dine, bowl, party, and organize events abound.

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

A tropical oasis in the heart of Brooklyn, Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is a perfect blend of competitive games and tropical vibes.The club offers 10 impressive shuffleboard courts, paving the way for exciting games and tournaments for the most dedicated enthusiasts

What sets Royal Palms apart is its dedication to creating enriching experiences

Guests looking for a five-county getaway can enjoy a menu of tropical options and expertly crafted cocktails, transporting them to sunny destinations without leaving the City of New York.  As the games progress, live music adds dynamism to the atmosphere, ensuring each visit is memorable


The Barcade, The Gutter, and Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club are all options for unique and unforgettable experiences in the diverse world of New York nightlife. Whether you’re chasing a high score, aiming for strikes, or perfecting your shuffleboard skills, these iconic establishments promise an evening filled with fun, friendship, and unforgettable memories.


Best Arcade Bars in 
New York City 1 

Best Arcade Bars in New York City 

 Barcade Barcade, the original arcade bar, is a one of the most well know spots for classic arcade games and American craft beer. The first

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