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Can AI Serve Perfect Beer ?

August 8, 2019
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This post is not about Frankenstein serving beers, at least not yet!

In recent years AI moved from the science fiction scene to our everyday lives. We have been using it to interact with our mobile phones (Siri*) and to get recommendations on what video or series to watch next (Netflix*). We feel that the apps we are using are intelligent when they start to suggest us the content that we really like. Behind the scenes, these apps analyse our behaviour and behaviours of similar users to suggest the most relevant content. Everyday, we see new applications of AI in healthcare, automation, transportation and finance.

Latest developments in computing power, data collection and statistical approaches gave rise to widespread usage of AI and now we see that it can offer limitless opportunities. Artificial Intelligence is about problem solving and learning. With ever more data and processing power available, we will see major industries change drastically.

And beer is no exception. At Pubinno we have been collecting data through our smart taps. We know that this data will be instrumental in changing the entire beer ecosystem in terms of production, distribution and service.

Here is how our data mining team utilise AI to improve our insights module. The advantage of AI is that it finds the relations between a given set of parameters and reveal hidden trends. What is learned is then is applied to the data to eliminate false alarms.

We use flow sensors to measure how many liters of beer is poured through each tap,  but sensor data alone is not enough to accurately detect when a keg is finished. We use AI to analyse the data coming from our sensors and bartender’s interaction with the screen.  As a result, we can provide bars and breweries meaningful, reliable and actionable insights on keg efficiency and keg life.

In our next post, we will talk about how we use AI to improve our flow algorithm to serve perfect beer.

These are only a fraction of what can be done with all the data available. We are also working on automating keg orders (type & quantity) and pricing insights. Beer is getting smarter every day, stay tuned for latest news.


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